Trivia / Conan the Destroyer

  • Executive Meddling: Because Universal Pictures and producer Dino De Laurentiis thought it would have been even more successful if it had been less violent, they wanted to tone down the violence in the movie. It was also recut in order to secure a PG rating. Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, who wrote the original script, were ticked off at how Universal had watered down their script, they went to Marvel and produced the graphic novel Conan: The Horn of Azoth, which was their script in comic-book form (ironically, the movie had had a Comic-Book Adaptation shortly after its release), but with a few name changes to avoid legal difficulty.
  • Genre-Killer: This movie, along with Red Sonja, is widely credited with killing the Sword and Sorcery genre in media for quite some time.
  • Prop Recycling: From the first movie.
    • The upper part of Togra's helmet was one of the shoulders of Thulsa Doom's armor.
    • Ferdy Mayne's crown is actually the Aquilonian crown worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger before the closing credits.