Funny / Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

  • In the Nod campaign, the dark/cringe comedy in "Today's Execution", as Maychek and Oxanna cheerily describes the impending fates of the condemned.
  • The dark comedy continues when Slavik asks CABAL to define "favorable outcome". Three words: "They all die!"
  • In the GDI campaign, we have Mack's various expressions.
    • His look and the incredulous "Sir?" when Solomon tells him that Kane's back.
    • His expression when Umagon tells him off for implying that she has to take orders from him. You can tell that he's silently snarking, "Ok, that didn't go so well..."
  • How does Kane reveal his return to Solomon? Hijacking the communications of the Philadelphia and greeting him with "You'll come for the sunshine, but stay for the people." It's surprisingly humorous despite Kane's tone.