Funny / Code Geass Megiddo

  • Anytime C.C. reveals that she was behind a certain historical figure gaining notoriety. Plus the way she nonchalantly discusses it is so hilarious.
  • In Chapter XII, after a heartfelt talk between Lelouch and Kallen about why Kallen fights and if Lelouch used his Geass on her to make her loyal, Lelouch suddenly has a thought:
    Lelouch: By the way… When exactly were you going to drug me? Before or after we had sex?
    Kallen: -face becomes same shade of red as her hair and the Guren- IT WASN'T LIKE THAT YOU PERVERT!
    Lelouch: -Innocently- Really? I don't remember you complaining when we made it up to my room and…
    • Really, Lelouch seems to get a kick out of teasing Kallen. He does something similar in Chapter XX. While posing as a married couple in the Vermillion Forbidden Palace, Lelouch says that [he] loves her right. For a moment Kallen forgets that they're undercover and nearly stumbles over.
  • Kallen's reaction to Lelouch exercising in Chapter 19.
    Kallen: I'm seeing it, but I'm not believing it.
  • Drunk Tamaki. He hits on Naomi in front of her husband Kento, then hits on Kento.
    Tamaki: He-ey he-ey, no nee-ed to ge-t maad, Ken-en-too. B-iy the waaay, you luuk re-eelly hawt too-o.
  • A random pizza delivery guy tries to hit on Kallen by saying he finds women who can kick ass sexy. She smiles sweetly, tells him to rent Blood+, and slams the door in his face.
  • Rakshata's anger and disgust at C.C. painting her knightmare neon pink.
    Inoue: Actually, I think Miss C.C. has good reason for having her knightmare painted that color. I mean, it's not like she has to worry about the Britannians picking her out, and getting shot down by a pink knightmare would only humiliate them further.
    Rakshata: But it's humiliating to him as well! Being coated in such a horrid color! He's become transvestite!
  • Charles and Marianne lightly bickering over who Lelouch takes after more: his mother, or "the man who's waging a world war just to keep an audience occupied".