Funny / Code Geass Megiddo

  • Anytime C.C. reveals that she was behind a certain historical figure gaining notoriety. Plus the way she nonchalantly discusses it is so hilarious.
  • In Chapter XII, after a heartfelt talk between Lelouch and Kallen about why Kallen fights and if Lelouch used his Geass on her to make her loyal, Lelouch suddenly has a thought:
    Lelouch: By the way… When exactly were you going to drug me? Before or after we had sex?
    Kallen: -face becomes same shade of red as her hair and the Guren- IT WASN'T LIKE THAT YOU PERVERT!
    Lelouch: -Innocently- Really? I don't remember you complaining when we made it up to my room and…
    • Really, Lelouch seems to get a kick out of teasing Kallen. He does something similar in Chapter XX. While posing as a married couple in the Vermillion Forbidden Palace, Lelouch says that [he] loves her right after the two review their plan. For a moment Kallen forgets that they're undercover and nearly stumbles over.
  • Kallen's reaction to Lelouch exercising in Chapter 19.
    Kallen: I'm seeing it, but I'm not believing it.
  • Drunk Tamaki. He hits on Naomi in front of her husband Kento, then hits on Kento.
    Tamaki: He-ey he-ey, no nee-ed to ge-t maad, Ken-en-too. B-iy the waaay, you luuk re-eelly hawt too-o.
  • A random pizza delivery guy tries to hit on Kallen by saying he finds women who can kick ass sexy. She smiles sweetly, tells him to rent Blood+, and slams the door in his face.
  • Rakshata's anger and disgust at C.C. painting her knightmare neon pink.
    Inoue: Actually, I think Miss C.C. has good reason for having her knightmare painted that color. I mean, it's not like she has to worry about the Britannians picking her out, and getting shot down by a pink knightmare would only humiliate them further.
    Rakshata: But it's humiliating to him as well! Being coated in such a horrid color! He's become transvestite!
  • Charles and Marianne lightly bickering over who Lelouch takes after more: his mother, or "the man who's waging a world war just to keep an audience occupied".
  • During Chapter XX, Kallen is being harassed by a snake named Ling Yun... and no, not that kind of snake. The guy is a midget that is described as more of an upright lizard than a human being, and has a personality to match. A perverted Casanova Wannabe that tries to hit on Kallen, despite knowing that she's married (more accurately she and Lelouch are Undercover as Lovers). When Lelouch shows up, he quickly Geasses the snake with two commands. The first is to follow the instructions in the envelope Lelouch hands him (Ling Yun is the Minister of State Security for Area 22/China). The second? "You're [Ling Yun] now a diarrhetic." Almost immediately Ling's stomach makes an audible noise and he runs to the nearest bathroom.