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Funny: Call of Cthulhu
  • Me and my friends were playing this one mission where we had to destroy a monster hiding in an attic. At one point, the DM decided to throw a hobo at us. We beat him down and planned to use him as live bait for the monster. The DM promptly noted our lack of humanity. A little bit later, we hear a woman's voice from outside (actually a zombie the monster raised) calling for help. It took us a bit to figure out what to do, to which one of our number simply asked: "Wait, didn't we lose our humanity, like, five minutes ago? What do we care?"
  • As noted on the main page, Old Man Henderson, the man who beat Call of Cthulhu. He dropped a yacht on a penthouse full of cultists, completely wrecked every single one of the GM's plots, killed most of the other PCs multiple times, and permanently killed Hastur with a hockey rink packed full of explosives.
  • I once did a self-written scenario set in the old west, where a small town discovers a mine with a symbol for Cthulhu driving them insane. The players finds the mine, being guarded by many men, the idea being to wait until nightfall. Instead they took a stick of dynamite, stuck it in a horse's ass, and clapped it, causing it to run and take out a majority of the cultists in the explosion.
    • To keep on going... Another scenario had a Star Vampire that was being sent to a small village in the Amazon. It was kept in the basement of the CEO of a major rubber corporation in the area. Our investigators arrived at the house and one was sent in because he had "those" supplies as the maid said. Said investigator was me. He was a back-alley doctor having been dismissed from Miskatonic University for using drugs himself. He had an immense phobia of cars, which meant that to ride in one he had to knock himself out with morphine, meaning he had an amount of drugs in his system to rival Hunter S. Thompson. He made his way down into the cellar, carrying in one hand his doctor's bag (filled with assorted goodies like said drugs, assorted chemicals and gunpowder) and in his other arm his chicken, Enrique (which he bought during the scenario). He went inside the chamber and was attacked by the Star Vampire, which sucked most of his blood away, but the huge amount of drugs confused it. It let go and Enrique attacked, managing to hit it slightly. This bought me enough time to jam a syringe filled sulfuric acid into his own throat. This made the vampire let go of me and the adrenaline granting him strength. He took a lighter, threw it in his doctor's bag and blew himself and the Vampire up. All this while the rest of the party waited uninformed upstairs until they heard an explosion. The kicker? The dynamite only killed it because of the minor damage sustained from the chicken's talons...
  • "TWO FEET!!! TWO FEET!!!"
  • Something Awful's playthrough of the 1990s handbook, where Zack decided to play as dead 90s celebrities Kurt Cobain, Eazy-E and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Cue much Black Comedy and Crossing the Line Twice.
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