Funny / Burning Dog Face

  • Crowning Moment of Funny - Several. Including the above "Ow, my organs!" comment.
    "Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, do not attempt to leave until the witch has come to a complete stop."
    • "In accordance with the prophecy, we must all wear pudding on our faces!" It Makes Sense in Context and is still pretty damned funny without it.
  • Dead Space 2 -
    "I heard there was a necromorph that looks like it's made of animals. Or an animal. But I hope it's not something adorable, like a kitten. I don't think I could handle zombie kittens... I will avenge all the kittens."
  • From AliceMadnessReturns-
    I wasn't sure what I was expecting from the next jaunt into Wonderland but a bioluminescent dress made of fish scales and sea weed wasn't it.
  • Also, the fact that the white rabbit doesn't show up except if radula rooms for most of Madness Returns leads to this snarky comment:
    The White Rabbit; Come, Alice, don't dawdle. You've already missed the train.
    BDF: You've already missed the game!
  • He's generally pretty composed as far as Lets Player's go so pretty much any time he's amused or disturbed enough to react it's either this, or heartbreaking.
  • This:
    BDF: I just thought of another connection between Psychonauts and American McGee's Alice. Neither of them sold very well despite reviewing excellently with critics... there are tongues on the floor.
  • "Noo! Save me, Tom the Poet!"
  • Mercenary calls the dog in Fable 3 a mangy cur. BDF unflinchingly shoots him in the head.
    "His name is Peter
  • A spontaneous musical number:
    "Loading screen, rock me like a loading screen... I don't... that happens every few games."
  • Fable again, BDF jump-cuts in order to show up in a chicken costume.
    "Okay. I'm outside Brightwall Academy and no, I don't want to talk about it."
  • He didn't hear us come in.
  • This
    BDF: I had a potted cactus fall on my hand, once. That one hurt like a motherfucker.
    • from the same video:
      BDF: Wow... well okay I have changed reality, I have succeeded in setting Night Springs MORE on fire.
  • His response to the opening of Rage.
    BDF: Well, that's already more story than the entirety of Doom.
  • The opening of video, and the title, and the first sentence of the description.
  • Chastising a bunch of turtles for all being Raphael.
  • In this, two minutes in he starts rambling about the various fetch quests, and then a clip of Monty Pythons Colonel interrupting the whole tangent.
  • In this he keeps cutting to different games instead of the one he was playing.