Funny: Britain's Got Talent

Much like it's Trans Atlantic Equivalent, there are a lot of moments that will make you laugh.

  • Most unsuccessful acts as well as the judges' reactions to them.
  • Mr. Methane: Whose act is him farting the song, Blue Danube.
  • Glenn Carpenter: A middle-aged ex-army driver whose act is a strip act with a chicken codpiece on. Unsurprisingly, he was buzzed off in short order.
    Simon: Glenn, what does the winner of this competition get?
  • Nigel Grimm: His 2008 audition was him singing a George Michaels song while wearing a freak mask. But in 2010, he returns featuring another failed auditionee, David J. Watson dressed as the hulk with a tutu bursting out of a box and parading around waving on the stage. Particularly, Amanda's response:
    Amanda: I'm sorry, what was that? (the audience laughs)
    Nigel: The problem?
    Amanda: Well it was bloody awful.
    • And later on:
    Amanda: Do people know you've come out to do this today?
    Nigel: Well, um...he's actually made up the script up but-
    Amanda: What script?!
    (the audience laughs)
    Nigel: Listen but, I've actually put ideas to all this.
    Amanda and Piers: What ideas?!
  • Tracy Lee Collins: His first audition left the judges on both sides, but was still fun in its own right. Simon jokingly said he would fit better in a dress. He got his wish in the second audition. Simon looks utterly horrified and hits the buzzer as soon as he start singing.