Awesome / Britain's Got Talent

  • Susan Boyle. Just... watch the whole thing.
    • She ultimately came second, as Diversity (a dance group from East London) did even better in the final and won. She was very gracious in defeat (and went on to produce several chart-topping albums).
  • After Simon recovered from the sickness that briefly necessitated his replacement by Louis Walsh in the 2010 series, he walked out on stage, unannounced, and told everyone that "My name is Simon Cowell, I'm from London, and today I am going to remove Louis Walsh from the judging panel."
  • Paddy and Nico, a sweet, grandmotherly 79-year-old woman and her 39-year-old dance instructor. It begins as a Moment of Heartwarming: when asked if she wants to win, Paddy says that it'd be nice, "but as long as people enjoy what we do..." After that, the Moment of Awesome happens when she reveals that she has the athleticism of a 20-year-old and dances as such. Their performance is so good that Amanda uses her Golden Buzzer. They later end up taking third in the competition.
  • Old Men Grooving from 2015. Like Paddy and Nico, it doesn't look like much at first, and then...
  • Calum Scott getting the Golden Buzzer from Simon of all people [1]. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Why hello boys. It starts off good, but the microphone stops working. A group of technicians comes to help. It was all an act. They were a part of the show that quickly escalates into a epic strip show. David was especially pleased.
  • Tracy Lee Collins. Simon didn't like his first audition and said he would fit better in a dress. What did Tracy do in his next audition? Show up in drag, horrifying Simon while having the audience laugh and cheer at him.
  • Jamie Raven's magnificent card trick. Has to be seen to be believed, or maybe you won't.
    Simon: "I now believe in magic."
  • Richard Jones combines mind reading, origami and tea-brewing in his mind-blowing magic performance. And the trick he performed for the ITV interview that follows, is equally impressive.
  • Alexandr Magala's sword swallowing act, which was so dangerous it left the St John's Ambulance medic on standby looking visibly relieved that Alex survived.