Funny / Boatmurdered

  • From the early run, thisnote :
    - It's dwarf bread, man. The cat peed on it, and it doubles as a lethal throwing weapon.
    - That makes sense. I bet it menaces with spikes of bread too.
  • No kings' necropolis for you:
    Locus: Well at least we're resting peacefully in our tombs. In spirit. Probably underneath elephant remains, in the physical sense.
    Bremen: I ran out of coffins. Then I ran out of designated graveyard space. Most of you are spending your eternal rest in the garbage dump.
  • Practically the entirety of StarkRavingMad's run, but especially this line:
    I finished making the Broker's mini-forges. He immediately issued a mandate that no mini-forges could be exported. I guess the cocksucker really likes his fucking mini-forges.
    • Also:
    The Manager demanded a clear glass window in his room. To fucking look at what, I asked him. Your room doesn't have a hole leading to the outside. Your room doesn't have a view of anything. The best I can do is put in a window that is 2 feet away from a stone wall. He doesn't give a shit. He wants a window. Fine, I hope the cocksucker falls through it while drunk.
    • He admitted to basically writing the entries out in the style of Al Swearengen as a dwarf, which in and of itself is hilarious.
  • The elephant massacre making such an impression that for the rest of the game, almost every piece of artwork created features elephants killing dwarves. (Or cheese.)
  • The monarch butterfly wedging the door open. Also, the insult "elephant sympathizer."
  • Sankis the Beardless' final bloody rampage, in which she kills a cow, a baby, and an Elite Marksdwarf. What makes this hilarious? This comment:
  • This line about the state of the fortress. The resultant mental image is Comedic Sociopathy at its finest:
    mariguana: Even now, Dwarves in the sickbeds of the barracks are beginning to rip each other apart!
  • At one point, things are so bad that even the kobolds don't want to fuck with the place, entering the area and then immediately turning tail after getting one good look at the outer perimeter.
    • Another person speculated that there aren't colonists anymore, merely adventuring parties that see Boatmurdered, assume it's a vile home of evil, charge in, and get press-ganged into the fortress.