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Funny: Blood+
  • Episode 49. Lewis is trying to hold off the swarm of Chiropterans. Just before a Chiropteran jumps on him, Lulu intercepts and slices the monster in two. What makes this Big Damn Heroes moment hilarious, however, is their terrible Badass Boasts.
    Lewis: "I am Lewis, the immortal one!" (Lulu slices a Chiropteran above him in two)
    Lulu: "And I am Lulu, the immortal whatever!"
  • In Episode 35, Gudrif smacking Dahz in the head every time he makes a jerkass comment to Lulu's statements.
  • Nathan is so powerful he bitch-slaps Haji in Episode 42 and a Chiropteran in Episode 49 and send them flying.
  • Every time Lewis is in a scene, expect at least something humorous coming from his mouth.
    • This gem:
    Informant: Is that you Sammy?
    Lewis: In the flesh. Long time no see. They call me Lewis now.
    Informant: Okay, Lewis. And speaking of flesh, when did you get so fat?
    Okamura: (cut the scene back to the apartment) Gahahahaha! Now that's funny.
  • Everyone, except Saya, at the all-girls' school crushing on the new gardener Haji.
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