Funny / blink-182

  • Live album The Mark, Tom & Travis Show. The between-song banter on this album is so infectiously stupid, they even go so far as to throw together a long string of these moments as a series of hidden tracks. Listening to Mark & Tom at the height of their initial breakthrough, throwing out as many dick jokes as humanly possible in one show (actually, two) is something to behold.
  • And speaking of infectiously stupid, the video for "All The Small Things" is a parody of (mostly boy band) music videos around the Turn of the Millennium. Still a riot all these years later.
  • Of course, the music video for "What's My Age Again?" deserves a mention, with the three bandmates running through the streets of L.A. butt-naked and crashing into TV commercials and news programs. They only stop when they meet porn actress Janine Lindemulder, who appears in the cover art for Enema of the State.
  • Everything off of the MTV Album Launch, the most famous being how Tom and Mark troll the executives of Geffen and their manager.
  • The band used Kat Mc Snatch's "You Are A Cunt" as the opening background song for their 2014 shows. At one show, Tom does a small dance while the song plays in the background.
  • During one interview, Tom and Mark each wrote letters to each other. What did they say:
    "Tom is Gay"
    "Mark fucks dogs"