Tear Jerker / blink-182

This pop-punk band has some very moving songs.
  • "Adam's Song," though thankfully it has a happy ending.
  • "Stay Together For The Kids" is also fairly sad, since it centers around a kid living with parents who argue a lot and are only together because they don't want their child to grow up in a broken home. It does NOT help the song was actually written by Tom DeLonge about his experiences with it, seeing how his parents ended up divorced when he was a teenager.
  • "Man Overboard" is particularly sad. If that song really is about Scott Raynor, the original drummer (which he seems to know it is), it marks the day when Blink officially forgot about Scott.
  • "What Went Wrong" is also particularly sad, as it seemed to have been made for the Blink break-up — and was completely depressing for that reason. Then the reunion came...
  • "Not Now", as well.
  • "What's My Age Again" is surprisingly melancholic - it's telling the story of someone whose immaturity is no longer funny or interesting, just irritating, and ends up underlining how pathetic holding onto youth looks like past a certain point. The opening arpeggios even sound kind of heartbroken.
  • During a Connecticut show on the Reunion Tour, the band learned Travis's close friend (as well as a survivor of the plane crash Travis was on) Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein passed away from a drug overdose. The band were seriously broken while playing on stage, Mark even asking the audience for a moment of silence while speaking about the incident. While playing 'Down', you can tell even Tom was at the verge of tears. "Ghost on the Dancefloor" was written in his honor.
  • Most of the album Neighborhoods, due to all the references to death and such.
    • Natives: Really more bittersweet than anything, "I am too nervous to run, like kids who scatter and hide, to reach and grab for someone, but end up buried alive, a world is waiting for me, a road that I rarely use, I start to feel my feet, and kick down walls as they move"
  • "I Miss You." One of the biggest contenders and the band's most known song (besides "All The Small Things"). Considering their marriage didn't last long, the references to Travis and Shannas's wedding and especially the Shout-Out to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was their favorite movie, it's also Harsher in Hindsight.
  • I'm Lost Without You. Makes it worse for early fans when the band broke up in 2005...
  • Tom's 'departure' for the second time. No words can be said, especially considering how Mark and Travis have decided to continue without him (citing due to him focusing too much on his other project and putting blink in the back burner).