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Funny: Birdz
  • From the migration episode. Abby's first words are "Big Butt". And her mom's proud of it.
  • From the father-and-son campout episode, Sleepy trying to say that Eddie has a cool dad too:
    Sleepy: He may not exactly be cool, but one thing's for sure: He's got...
    (baseball bat cracks)
    Morty: I got it! It's mine!
    (Morty jumps up to try and catch the ball; it hits him in the head and he Face Faults)
    Sleepy: He's got really big feet!
  • Some really judicious cutting makes for hilarious Mad Libs-style dialogue during Eddie and Morty's scavenger hunt. They do it several times:
    Eddie: "Ancient as the earth itself." It's easy! They're—
    (cut to Betty and Steffy at home)
    Betty: —your father's underwear!
  • Later on:
    Betty: And since it's almost lunchtime, why don't you gather the tools while I cook us up a nice, juicy—
    Eddie: —fossilized rock!
  • After misinterpreting Miss Finch's comment on his beak, Eddie has a nightmare about being a Frankenstein's Monster type creature who is being pursued by Torches and Pitchforks. The dream ends in this funny exchange:
    Monster!Eddie: You know what they say — big beak, big heart.
    Morty: Yes. He speaks true.
    Betty: Should we judge him not for the size of his beak, but for the strength of his character?
    Steffy: No. GET HIM!
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