Funny / Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey is a superhero comic published by DC Comics revolving around a team of women heroes from The DCU. The team is lead by Barbara Gordon, the original Batgirl and currently the information broker and hacker knwon as Oracle, and usually rounded out with Black Canary and Huntress. Other heroines, and some men, appear througout the series as needed, giving the series a somewhat fluid lineup. The series was cancelled in 2009, but revived in 2010 under the Brightest Day banner.

Some of the funny moments within Birds of Prey are:

  • In issue #8 of the relaunch, Current, a villain with electricity powers, has been hired by the Calculator as some supervillain muscle, but he did not realize just what sort of league he was playing in.
    Current: "No, you listen, dammit. You didn't say it'd be the Canary and the Bat, Calculator!"
    Calculator: "Are you kidding? Aren't you supposed to be badass?"
    Current: "Look, I just got this electric gear. I ain't fighting those two. I'm out."
  • In the first series, Helena does a massive Spit Take when Zinda complains that no one will accept her senior citizen's discount.
  • "Holy crow, that boy is fancy?!"
  • In the first series, Black Canary is chatting with Oracle, and casually brings up how good looking Nightwing is, to which Oracle insists that their relationship is strictly professional. Black Canary then asks Oracle to set her up with Nightwing, in which Oracle decides that she has other business to attend to, and hangs up.
  • Dinah, thinking that Barbara is in the shower walks into the bathroom only to find Nightwing there instead. Moments later, Dinah smugly questions Babs, who sheepishly insists nothing happened, while a very red-faced Nightwing leaves discretely.
  • After Spy Smasher takes over the team, the Birds make a point of sassing her at every available opportunity to show their disrespect.
  • Huntress and Judomaster get a kick out of the fact that Barda's weapon is called the "Mega Rod".
  • We're all missing the important thing here. Which is that Babs totally cyber-did it with Blue Beetle.