Trivia / Birds of Prey

The comic books provides examples of:

  • Artist Revolt: In the original Chuck Dixon run, the script for the now infamous Les Yay moment of Black Canary and Oracle meeting for the first time included a note by Dixon that "We’re going for The Pieta as opposed to anything that HINTS of the sexual. This scene is apparently RIPE for misinterpretation (or OVERinterpretation.) by some of our readers." The result? One of the most homoerotic panels in comic history.
  • Executive Meddling
    • Gail has said that after using her in several guest appearances, she had wanted to add Vixen to the book's main cast, but was not permitted to by her editors.
    • Gail had written on-line that Cassandra Cain, the second Batgirl, was scheduled to appear in an upcoming arc of the relaunch. However, behind-the-scenes issues have resulted in her continued absence, much to Gail's annoyance. It eventually turned out that the character was being used in Grant Morrison's Batman Inc. event, preventing her from showing up in BOP.
  • Gay Panic: Avoided, per Gail Simone. The inadvertent change from "75% Heterosexual" to "Heterosexual to the bone" (See Bi the Way above and Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? below) was not deliberate on the part of the editors because they feared a backlash or to appease the Moral Guardians, but rather was the result of a series of miscommunications and some placeholder dialogue being accidentally forwarded instead of a later revision.
  • What Could Have Been: There was once a plan for the Birds of Prey to appear in an episode of Justice League Unlimited with a Broad Strokes recreation of their history. Barbara Gordon, as Batgirl, would be hospitalized while on a mission and forbidden by Batman from pursuing the matter further. However, instead of letting the matter rest she would contact Black Canary and Huntress and, while guiding them over the radio, would use their help to finish the mission. Unfortunately, the Bat-Embargo, which was a moratorium on using Batman related characters in JLU due to conflicts with both The Batman and Batman Begins, meant that Barbara could not be included and the episode was re-written into Double Date. While still involving Canary and Huntress, it featured the addition of Green Arrow and The Question and focused on the two pairs (Canary/Arrow and Huntress/Question) as they worked against one another.

The live-action show provides examples of: