Funny / Birdemic

  • The infamous boardroom clapping scene, which just will not end.
  • Dr. Jones summing up the film's message: "It's the human species that needs to quit playing cowboy with nature. We need to start acting more like astronauts, taking care of our spaceship."
    • Even the actor thought this line was hilarious. Give him credit for still playing it completely straight.
  • The sheer absurdity of the excuse for Susan's absence from Birdemic 2 comes down to one of the greatest moments of Dull Surprise in film history:
    Tony: I wish Susan could've been here to see this bird skeleton, but she got a disease from that fish that Rod cooked.
  • The man who bought a can of gas from Rod at gunpoint (not stole, bought.)
  • (Brief growling noise) "Uhh, I have to go ...I hear a mountain lion!"
    • The deadpan delivery of the line not only makes it hilarious, but so does the fact that everyone continues on their way towards the place where he glanced at when he made that remark!
  • This line, combined with Rod's delivery.
    Ramsey: Where's Becky?
    Rod: She's taking a shit.
  • Of course, the infamous coat hanger scene, in which the gang attempts to take out a bunch of obviously fake birds with coat hangers.