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Funny: Barney Miller
  • This classic moment of Nick taking a call from a man whose car was stolen.
    "Mr. Revelli? Will you hold a minute? I gotta find a pencil. [uses the pencil as a replacement chopstick for his lunch] Okay go ahead."
    • And then after he's hung up: "Oh my god, I ate my eraser."
  • The brownies episode. Unbeknownst to Wojo, the brownies his girlfriend has baked are laced with hashish, and he shares them with Fish, Harris, and Yemana. By the middle of the episode, all four are stoned out of their gourds - Yemana keeps breaking into song, Harris is grinning like a loon, and Fish jumps across rooftops to collar a suspect a third of his age and actually stands up to defend Bernice's honour. The next day, Barney, the only one not to sample the brownies, suggests the other detectives forget the whole incident. Luckily for him, they don't need to pretend - they actually have forgotten it.
    Barney: (handing the box of brownies to Harris) Harris, have these analysed, and fast! (Harris takes a brownie and eats it) NOT THAT WAY!
  • In one episode, an Air Force general visits to report calls he received from someone threatening to blow up his base. It is implied that he fought as a pilot in World War II, and can barely contain his prejudice when he sees Lt. Yemana, a Japanese-American cop. Yemana has fun needling him over it;
    General: It just isn't right. Why would someone threaten to blow up a U.S. military installation?
    Yemana: Nostalgia?
  • This exchange in "The Counterfeiter," after the man who turned in the money learns that he's out $35 for being honest and not fobbing it off on someone else.
    Harris: "There is no justice, in or out of court." Clarence Darrow.
    Dietrich: "Upholding the law is everybody's business." Dick Tracy, Crime Stopper's Textbook.
  • A man arguing with the man who did plastic surgery on his wife.
    Doctor: Are you implying I'm perverted?
    Husband: [suggestive look.] God knows what you've done to yourself.
  • Many of the jokes about Yemana's horrible coffee:
    Yemana: Coffee?
    Coffee-drinker: Oh, no, thank you, I can't drink coffee. Do you have any more of this?
    • In another episode Yemana reveals that he uses rain-water that leaks down from the roof, on the basis that this process "filters out the impurities".
  • A man involved in dog fights is brought in, but his dog, suspected of being rabid, escapes. While the man is in holding, the detectives get a call to go out and leave Yemana behind to watch the office. Then, the dog shows up and growls at him. Yemana gets up slowly and makes his way to the cell while talking down the dog. When he gets to the cell, he unlocks it and opens the door, then jumps inside and locks it.
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