Funny / Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

  • While recommending the Arcose bakery to Veola, Lita mentions how friendly Klein was with Blaire, the baker. Immediately jealous, Veola "secretly" adds a new recipe for synthesis: the Love Roll, a sweet bread roll made with lots of love... and whatever horrible ingredients you give her, including salt, medicine, or energy drinks in place of flour and water. You can even use machine oil, which results in "Ingredient X": a mess of charred dough covered in fungal growths with screaming faces.
  • When Lita basically drops hints to Klein she may be in love him with, he doesn't get it. She just sighs and whispers under her breath:
    Lita:'re so dense.
  • When you arrive in Arcose, Lector is there. She immediately has Cuteness Proximity the moment she sees Norn and her ears, wanting to touch them.
    Lector: Fine... But, one day I'll feel those fuzzy ears of yours!
    • And she makes good on that promise when you visit the Collector's Caravan and tricks her into agreeing to it for a pocket-sized item list.
  • When you find Hute in Alexia Cave, she does a Security Cling to Klein and then asks him to bandage her leg. Lita basically goes full Tsun, leaving Norn confused by the sudden change and thinking she's hungry.
    • And when Hute and Villa start fighting, Delsius can only think: "Sisters are hot".
  • Pilke, a lecherous fairy who has a syndicate of other fairies. Their solution to breaking open the gates of Fort Galga in The Siege is to literally throw themselves at it like a battering ram.
  • When the group brings Lector a painting to be appraised, she reveals its cursed just as a demon springs out and attacks. Then, when its dead, she reveals she's got an entire collection of cursed things that makes the demon look like a small fry.
  • When Norn asks Klein to sleep in her bed with her, he refuses. Why?
    Klein: I can't! The ESRB would go nuts!
  • Pamela falls for Arlin the moment she lays eyes on him, so when he rejects her she hams it up before settling for waiting until he becomes a ghost so they can date.
  • Villa ends up falling for Hagel, but then runs out as if she's seen something horrible. Even Lita acts offended. So what's this horrifying act that they catch him in? It turns out he uses hair restoration products.
  • The event that leads up to Blaire's Wedding Cake recipe has her mentioning that she wants a Price Charming to come sweep her away. Then she looks to Klein, who's absolutely clueless why everyone is staring at him until Lita is about ready to blow up. Then Blaire backtracks and calls him a scrub instead, which gets Lita equally mad while he's still clueless.