Funny / Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny

  • When you break Max out of prison Noin basically does an And Zoidberg to the other Simsiltians there.
  • The Aroma Mana's infatuation with Viese's scent that leads to a contract. She can only laugh nervously before entering into the contract.
  • Grey's excuse for coming along with Felt:
    Grey: If you're not crazy, I wouldn't miss this trip for the world. And if you are crazy, at least I won't be bored.
  • The discovery that Noin is the self-appointed Camp Cook for the Simsiltians. A special sprite just to show her standing in the middle of camp in an apron for a few seconds, holding a pot in one hand and ladle in the other and cackling maniacally as she yells, "Everyone better enjoy my cooking!"
  • The moment that Hagel gets to touch the Azoth, he enjoys it a little too much:
    Hagel: I bet it even tastes perfect.
    Azure Azoth: That's quite enough. If he persists... stab him.
  • When Poe learns about Felt, he breaks out crying and runs all the way from Eden to the Belkhyde through the gate. Yach watches him go through and then takes a moment to decide he'd just pretend like he didn't see anything.
  • Tolena's introduction. She shows up because she heard Noin was being hunted down by the Imperials, who she's a high-ranking member of, gives Noin a pardon, teases her about liking a boy, and then tells her she'll see her later on before leaving out. Felt is left... confused.
    Felt: What just happened?
  • Theresa when she decides to give Noin a makeover. Her eyes get sparkly, her hair turns into horns, and she dual-wields a pair of scissors while leaving Noin to cry out for help.