Heartwarming / Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

  • Norman asking Klein and the others to keep visiting Veola in the magic shop. He sees her like a daughter and they bring life to her.
    • It's later revealed that Norman not only helped her when she first got to town, but he gave her food if she was ever starving and helped her open her shop. She actually goes into the Lapis Woods and fights monster to get the materials she needs to do it.
  • Zeldelia asking Klein to look after Norn, while also revealing that she looks after her even while gone for her trip.
  • Despite Delsius' issues at home, his sister Faith glomps him the moment he shows up again and states she missed him.
  • The moment Lita recognizes the cost of using the Chronolex, is a soul exchange, she waits until Veola is alone at night and has a talk with her about the moment she tried to commit suicide after awakening because she felt alone and everyone else had left her behind. Klein was the one who opened her up, and she's happy that she met Veola as well. It marks the moment that they truly understand one another.
    • Veola even goes out of her way to make medicine specifically for Lita upon learning that she is a homunculus in light of her advice, and change her Chronolex so that it instead heals those who hold it.