Funny: Assassin's Creed: Unity

  • Completing Rift missions give you access to Assassin Intel. One of these is a list of potential Sages. One of the entries reads: "David Jones. Nationality: possibly English. Born: Mid-20th century. Status unknown, In the 1970s and 80s a few scattered reports of a man resembling a Sage surfaced. He was said to be "otherworldly", "extraterrestrial", and "possessed by multiple personalities." So far, these reports have proven inconclusive." David Jones happens to be the real name of a certain David Bowie.
  • Napoleon snarking about Arno's outfit, and how it becoming more and more conspicuous the further the series gets from the Third Crusade:
    Napoleon: You certainly don't look like a blood-crazed revolutionary. The hood... is a bit sinister though if you don't mind my saying.
  • "The Escape", the last mission of Sequence 9, which is one concentrated Funny Moment. It begins with Elise running in away from Jacobins for reasons she refuses to explain, and escalates very quickly to stealing a prototype hot-air balloon in the middle of a thunderstorm with Arno desperately trying to catch up with her.
  • Shaun's database snarking is back, now in the form of footnotes. From the entry on Jacques de Molay:
    Jacques de Molay was born between 1245 and 1250.*
    * Now that's a long labour.
  • We find out that "Devils in the Caribbean" the fake movie they devised at the end of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag was released commercially and did pretty badly. Their internal marketing from the Helix Rifts tries to make the best of a bad situation:
    Never speak badly of past projects. Spin negatives into positives, E.G. If they say "The film 'Devils of the Caribbean' was a frightful mess of clichés, dime-store moralizing, and pandering stereotypes. Who thought this bucked of bilge water was a good idea?" You say "Certainly we realized very early in production that 'Devils of the Caribbean' would not be the ideal experience for everyone. But for those who want a fun, exciting, and lighthearted look at the Golden Age of Piracy, their ship has come to port."