Funny: Assassin's Creed: Unity

  • Napoleon snarking about Arno's outfit, and how it becoming more and more conspicuous the further the series gets from the Third Crusade:
    Napoleon: You certainly don't look like a blood-crazed revolutionary. The hood... is a bit sinister though if you don't mind my saying.
  • "The Escape", the last mission of Sequence 9, which is one concentrated Funny Moment. It begins with Elise running in away from Jacobins for reasons she refuses to explain, and escalates very quickly to stealing a prototype hot-air balloon in the middle of a thunderstorm with Arno desperately trying to catch up with her.
  • Shaun's database snarking is back, now in the form of footnotes. From the entry on Jacques de Molay:
    Jacques de Molay was born between 1245 and 1250.*
    * Now that's a long labour.