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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Assassin's Creed: Unity
Connor will return as a playable character.
Just as Assassin's Creed: Revelations let you play as both Ezio and Altair, Unity will follow both Connor and a new protagonist (native to France, since all AC games have had a protagonist with a heritage suitable for the setting) simultaneously. Connor might be visiting France, since he was completely disenchanted with the US at the end of III, or we might switch between France and the Americas.
  • As per Initiates, Connor was active in America at the Davenport Homestead till 1804, when he recieved Eseosa's Adewale's son who fought in the Haitian Revolution. He might have supported them briefly but it's unlikely. I think the best we can hope for are some cameos and Continuity Nod.

The Title Unity refers to an Assassin Templar Alliance during the Revolution
Because the term Unity otherwise doesn't apply to the French Revolution since the French were already united geographically but differed on which kind of government to install and take over. So the Assassins and Templars in France set aside their differences and worked on common ground.
  • Expanding on this, perhaps the unity is the result of both groups having civil wars. The Unity faction we end up rooting for is a mix of sane Templars and Assassins who support neither the old order or the insanity of the Reign of Terror. Their greatest enemies end up being fanatical Assassins, and the conflict opens up a power vacuum into which steps Napoleon.
  • Semi-confirmed, Arno ends up allying with a Templar named Elise.

Okay the Assassins and Templars we will see are...
Assassins - Rousseau, Robespierre, Danton(most definitely)... Templars - Talleyrand(but of course), Marat, Saint Just, Napoleon and the Marquis de Sade.
  • Robespierre, the man largely blamed for the Reign of Terror (albeit he may have been scapegoated by those who were also responsible) but who unquestionably supported it... An assassin? Using terror to "maintain peace" sounds more like a Templar modus opperandi.
  • Robespierre initially was very fair and tolerant, a signatory of the Declaration of Rights of Man, the first diplomat in the Western World to abolish slavery in an act of law(Before America and England) and generally considered an embodiment of revolutionary principles. His extremes against the aristocrats who he guillotined are largely an overreaction, though not inaccurate and definitely did happen. He was more Assassin than Templar certainly. And if the series were fair, they would try and restore his Hidden Depths. Marat and Saint Just were more ruthless.

Theories on the modern plotline.
Personally, I think there will be more of R-L, the assassins' newest resident hacker and Abstergo insider.
  • Or, it'll tie in to Watch_Dogs.
    • Both. R-L will either hear of some insanity going on in Chicago, or Aiden will hear about a hacker who wants to help out with his cause from Montreal. One of R-L's missions could involve bailing out a hacker the Assassin's want to recruit, who will turn out to be Aiden. However, I still want more info on the R-L nearly becoming Juno's host.
  • I'm thinking that while AC and Watch_Dogs are in the same universe, they won't have too much crossover.
    • They aren't in the same universe, the devs confirmed as much.

The game will have a Downer Ending involving Napoleon.
He's a confirmed Templar and holder of a Piece of Eden in the mythos, and his rise to unchallenged power is one of the most tragic ironies of history. Perhaps during the game, our hero will be forced to allow a man like Napoleon to live because the Reign of Terror is so out of control.
  • Not sure if Napoleon's rising is a great tragic irony compared to say the Russian Revolution. Napoleon was a product of the Revolution itself. His rise through the military ranks and creation of his famous army was the result of the changes in the class and ranking system instituted by the Revolution itself and he created the Napoleonic Code. His conquest and his example, and his army, spread the ideals of the Revolution across Europe. He was regarded as a hero by many liberals of the time and was by no means some simple bad guy on the scale of Stalin or Mao.

It will be revaled that the Assassins will be behind the Reign of Terror perhaps to clense French society. After the fall of the king the assassins split into two sects—one sect wanting to usher in a full age of reason and purge the past while the other sect wanting to moderatly reform and even forgive some of the collaborators of the Templars. But when the Templar puppet king tries to flee to Austria to start the war radicalizes the revolution and the second half will be the radical faction taking over and starting the terror. The protagionist will be saved from the guillotine by the Templars, led by Napoleon and a truce will be made to fight against the radical faction. After 9 thermidor, the deposing of the directory is Napoleon turning against the assassins and establishing himself as emperor.

An Assassin ally will be executed by the guillotine
Whoever the PC is, they won't be able to do anything about their friend, even as they Face Death with Dignity. If that person was really liked, it'll be one hell of a Tear Jerker. The next section involves the PC having an Anger Montage / Heroic BSOD.

Robespierre won't be a Templar or an Assassin, but rather an enemy of Those Who Came Before.
His efforts to rename the months, to create a new religious viewpoint, his efforts to topple the current ruling class, as well as ending slavery are all his efforts to drive human civilization as far away from First Civilization ways as possible. He either is a First Civilization survivor, a reincarnation like Aita, or an Aita who went 'wrong,' or someone who discovered information on TWCB, maybe through a Piece of Eden, and was horrified by them. He'd rather see humanity steer itself into a grave than go back to the slavery of the First Civilization, which is why the Assassins stopped him. The modern day plot is finding out what Robespierre was working on, because it's the best bet for taking out Juno.

We're moving from eagles to Corvids.
With Black Flag the central bird was the Jackdaw because it fit Edward's character, contrary to the eagle imagery the series has gone with before. The prominence "The Eagle and the Jackdaw" even further emphasizes a shift. With all the executions going on what is Unity going to be without crows eating the victims of Madame Guillotine?
  • Nope, new guy Arno Dorian has a first name that means "The Eagle's Strength" in old German.

There will be at least one mission taking place at the Palace of Versailles.
Though Versailles isn't part of Paris proper, it would make a good backdrop for the free-running gameplay of Assassin's Creed. I'm sure the assassin protagonist will find his/her way there for at least one mission.

There are actually four Assassin protagonists in the game.
With the latest trailers' focus on co-op gameplay, the possibility of there being multiple protagonists is definitely there (with one primary protagonist you play as in single-player mode). Maybe each assassin will have his or her own special abilities.
  • Jossed. Co-op works more like Watch_Dogs where only your character is Arno and everybody else is different.

The four Assassins are all Expies of previous PCs
One of them would be the serious one like Altair, the ladies man as in Ezio, the quiet brute as in Connor and the drunken vagabond like Edward.
  • Jossed. See the WMG above.

Marie Antoinette will be involved
It's only fitting since she's a figure of the Revolution. And of course, someone at Abstergo Entertainment will be saying 'Aww, she didn't say Let them eat cake.'

Connor will appear
He will be involved via his ship Aquila in the Quasi War where the American government essentially refused to recognize the young French Revolutionary government and essentially placed it under embargo. This caused the government to hire several privateers to seize American merchant ships by force, an action which the Americans could do little about since it did not have a navy as yet. Indeed this event led them to create their own navy. Connor, an ex-Privateer and Revolutionary will obviously be caught in the middle.

There will also be appearance/mention/reference to Eseosa and Adewale
Eseosa, Adewale's grandson with Bastienne, as revealed in Initiates, fought in the Haitian Revolution which erupted at near about the same time as the French Revolution. Toussaint L'Ouverture was an Assassin who was eventually executed in France but is revered in Haiti as Our Founder. The situation in Haiti was of obvious concern to the Revolutionaries. Robespierre outright abolished slavery by constitution, the very first man to do so politically in the Western World, several years before abolitionism took effect in England and much before it happened in America.

You won't kill Robespierre, but you will give him his infamous jaw injury
Robespierre was very publicly (and loudly) executed by guillotine, so there's not much room there for the typical assassination that is so well known to the series. However, the day before his death, Robespierre attempted to evade capture with his followers and holed himself up at the Hotel de Ville. Eventually order broke down and the forces of the convention invaded the Hotel, finding Robespierre with a shattered jaw caused by a gunshot wound. There's even some dispute as to whether the wound was self inflicted or he was shot by another person, leaving a nice gap for Unity to fill in for story purposes. It's very likely that Arno will be the one to do it in this universe, or at the very least be there to witness it happen.
  • Rob Zombie's cartoon about the Revolution does feature Robespierre with the wound on the day of his execution, implying that we will see this event.

Arno is actually a woman in disguise
Because wouldn't that be the most ironic thing ever, considering the recent controversy?
  • Jossed. The recent trailer shows him with his hood down. He's definitely a dude, in fact nearly an Ezio clone. The real female character is Elise.

In regards to the above: Arno isn't a woman, but the AC creators are trolling us again, like with Haytham
Ubisoft is (hopefully) smarter than to let this kind of controversy ruin game sales. Perhaps they foresaw this. Perhaps Arno is a Decoy Protagonist and the real assassin is a female.

Those Who Came Before.
Marianne, the French Goddess of Liberty, will appear and be revealed as one of TWCB.

Elise is...
The information about Elise being a noblewoman, an original character implies that her surname is significant. So who is she? How about Elise Kenway, Haytham or Jenny's would be a neat way to tie it to Kenway saga of the 18th century
  • Considering Arno is confirmed not to be an ancestor of Desmond, it's only likely Elise is the ancestor on the Matriarchal side which involves Altair.
  • Jossed. She is Elise de la Serre and completely separate, though perhaps a descendant of Altair and Maria Thorpe.

Arno's alliance with Elise will cause friction between him and the other Assassins
At one point he may even have to fight another Assassin for her sake.
  • Their Odd Friendship was introduced to the audience by having him desperately race to rescue her from the National Razor, and then going Back To Back Bad Asses against the crowd and revolutionary soldiers. If he's willing to defy the mob he was helping in earlier trailers, he's just as liable to stand against Axeman and the others for her.

Robespierre will be the Big Bad, or at least a major enemy.

Elise's father made Arno an orphan.
...And then adopted him either to raise him as a Templar, ala Haytham Kenway, or out of guilt for his action. Alternatively...
  • Jossed. As per the Game Informer article, the Grandmaster had nothing to do with that.

The Templar Grandmaster was a Friendly Enemy of Arno's parents.
...And this adopted the boy because it was the right thing to do. Considering he was killed by some of his own men later, it might be that he was a little too nice in the opinion of his fellow Templars. Arno's rejoining of the Templars arguably shows that he was raised with a healthy respect for this parent's group, and his bond with Elise implies a certain amount of affection for the family regardless of their affiliations.
  • More or less confirmed. The Game Informer article said that the Templar Grandmaster had a Worthy Opponent thing with Arno's Dad and took Arno in for that reason, he also refused to indoctrinate Arno into the Templar schemes, merely keeping him in the dark until much later.

Instead of going full Templar or Assassin, Elise will Choose A Third Option.
Because either leaving the Templars for Arno and reverting to Templar type are bot predictable enough the audience will see it coming a mile away. Instead, Elise shall find some kind of middle ground to maintain the "Unity" she has with Arno in the face of the later Revolution. Perhaps she rises in to Templar ranks but maintains an alliance with certain Assassins, or maybe she's on the opposite side of Napoleon when he takes over the Templars and she leads her own faction against them with Arno's help.

Robespierre will be driven insane by the Apple of Eden
Robespierre will at first be either an ally of the Assassins, or a completely unrelated idealist who the Assassins deem suitable to lead France out of tyranny. In real life he had extremely positive ideals in his youth, even opposing capital punishment wholeheartedly. But after being given the Apple's revelations he starts to see manipulations of Those Who Came Before around every corner and becomes obsessed trying to eliminate every last trace of their influence from the society, down to the names of old gods in weekdays. And the Assassins and Templars of course have to go, as well. Possibly there will even be an alliance of convenience between the two factions due to the sheer menace that Robespierre will pose to both orders.
  • It will also serve as a thematic irony. Robespierre was famously called "The Incorruptible", it's a nice irony that the one person who the Apple did not corrupt who instead sought to eradicate its influence and break away completely, ended up going another extreme.

Arno Dorian will...
...die. At some point, he and Elise will have sex, at which point we play as her and then Arno ends up sacrificing himself for her and gets his head chopped off at the Guillotine...there has to be one A Tale of Two Cities shout-out right?

Unity will explain why Assassin and Templar aren't well known in Desmond's era
Compare their 'prestigious orders' status that people look on with some respect to modern day 'Assassins? Templars? LOL.' attitude. How both side stoop to new low in Unity amidst the chaos of French Revolution might be the case.

Charlotte Corday will be a...
...a rogue Assassin and a Boss Fight for Arno. You simply cannot have an Assassin's Creed set during la revolution without l'ange de l'assassinat.

Trailers Always Lie will be enforced...
In the trailers we see Arno rushing to save Elise form the Guillotine. In the game, Robespierre will send you to guillotine and the chopping block and Elise will come to your rescue. What better way to dismiss misogyny allegations for Ubisoft, who naturally will have their cake and eat it too...Elise will come and save you but she'll get killed by guards while you escape...

There will be an in-universe justification for everyone having English accents.
Maybe someone will just handwave it as a bug in the Animus.
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