Funny: Arachnid

  • Alice dreams of Oki using nonsensical cockroach oil powers to escape from her threads and murder Yoriko. She wakes up to find Oki eating her panties instead. Alice drags her back to sleep all rolled up in string, seemingly trying to pretend that never happened. Oki is embarrassed but thinks that's Alice's idea of bondage play.
  • Hibiki is very clear about his feelings for Kumo when he confronts Alice and Oki over his death, but backpedals when Oki asks if he was gay for him. We're then treated to a flashback in which Hibiki asks Kumo to accept his feelings if he were to ever surpass him. Kumo, a Death Seeker, simply replies that'd depend on whether or not he will still be alive by then.
  • Oki is at a loss for words when she meets Kuramoto and looks at her chest. It's no wonder she collapses when Alice comments she likes Kuramoto and hopes to befriend her. Alice then awkwardly says she cares for Oki too — and that she means it.
  • Upon meeting Alice, Imomushi confronts her with a million-dollar question: is she still a virgin? Riock and Amenbo are both surprised by the question and curious at what Alice will answer.
  • Kabutomushi's steel-plated heart and spiked arms spectacle straddles the line between awesome and funny thanks to her cheeky attitude over them ("I just happen to have...") and the absurdity of it all.
  • Alice finds Oki stripping an unconscious Geji and has a sudden outburst of jealously over it.
  • Dinoponera slipping past Kabutomushi's Kabuto Slide in her sunny disposition is amusing on its own, but when Kabuto goes "clang" from being stabbed, Dinoponera just stands there in complete confusion, trying to understand why. The oddest thing is that she soon reasons Kabuto must have an armored heart and it actually doesn't seem too weird for her. It isn't clear if she had been told of that beforehand, either.
  • Hibiki knocks Dinoponera away, then turns to tell Alice he isn't trying to rescue her or anything and realizes he just saved Kabutomushi instead. No one is happy with this.
  • Hibiki sends Dinoponera flying a second time and it looks like he got a clean hit, but she just looks back at him with a smirk so outrageously smug it practically blinds him.
  • From nowhere, Dinoponera gives a warning kiss to Alice and glances at an absolutely furious Oki like she has nothing to fear. The cheek of it!
  • Alice gets some much needed catharsis from bitch slapping miss smugpants Dinoponera and tricking her into stabbing her own leg. The ant girl's terrified reactions at being outdone like this are priceless.
  • After Kabutomushi gets tricked by Sara into falling on a hole to the bottom of the school, things seem hopeless for Alice. But then Hibiki arrives right on time with a Rider Kick to save her from the Media army ants!... only for Oki to drop kick him out as well, complete with an epic double page spread of her own and Sara looking increasingly baffled at those events.
  • Alice defeats Suzumebachi by dropping the Kumoito from far above at high speeds. As per usual, while it is a cool maneuver, the whole concept and presentation for it comes off as rather cartoony, what with the little knife crushing him down into a crater, his legs up in the air.
  • The surreal sight of "child" Yoriko as a mafia kingpin, secretly leading Japan from a fancy armchair a little too large for her and with Hideki Tojo as her front man.

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