YMMV: Arachnid

  • Anticlimax Boss: Sasori effortlessly defeats Arc Villain Dinoponera and cruelly throws the girl to be raped, then kills Yoriko from out of nowhere. Alice, however, has less trouble dealing with her mechanical tail than she had figuring out Dinoponera. And then it looks like Kuramoto has Alice at her mercy with the spider girl being none the wiser, but no, Alice had uncovered Kuramoto's ruse all along and was already ready to instantly kill her.
  • Ass Pull: A common complaint about the more outrageous stunts the characters pull in order to turn a battle around. Especially Alice and her string antics. Although it's nothing unusual for a shonen manga, the insect documentary expositions make those kind of scenes even more eye-roll worthy.
    (Geji knocks Oki out and prepares to kill her, only for Oki to keep running and attacking while unconscious)
    Narrator: "Cockroaches have two brains."
  • Crazy Awesome: Hibiki 'Kamadouma' Fujioka, the Ax-Crazy, Manly Gay, Kahen Rider-obsessed disciplinary council head who liberally dispenses love and justice through repeated kicks to the face. Possibly the best example of how delightfully bizarre he can get is when he tricks his rival, Riokku, into helping him with a Combination Attack by having him punch him as hard as he can in order to build up momentum for a 'Double Rider Kick'. For the record, Riokku's punches can remove heads and go through concrete walls, and he had been trying to murder Hibiki for most of the day.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Sasori, Ageha, Ichijikukobachi and Kuramoto.
  • Gratuitous Rape: If anyone in either story is to be characterized as a major jerkass, chances are they'll try to rape someone or have it happen by proxy. This then gets used for serious horror and drama when the student body of Alice's school is turned into the dreaded "rape zombies".
  • He's Just Hiding:
    • Imomushi gets backstabbed by Suzume Bachi while she was focused on fighting Dinoponera. She falls on her face and nobody speaks of her again. But isn't it far too much of an unceremonious way for the protagonist of the ongoing prequel to die? She's supposed to be immune to poison, you know.
    • Yoriko gets killed by Sasori's deadly red poison. Although her death is portrayed as definitive and she has no powers, readers have been suspicious of her status, arguing that a few characters have already survived death in most bizarre ways and that Sasori might have wanted to keep Yoriko alive for later while lying to Alice to break her resolve. They're right.
  • Les Yay: Even discounting anything involving the canonically lesbian Oki, the author seems incapable of writing or drawing a scene between two female characters that is not dripping with sexual tension. Since most of the cast are out to murder each other, this naturally overlaps with a hefty dose of Foe Romance Subtext.
  • Narm/Narm Charm: Where to begin? Things like Alice's infinite string tricks, Amenbo turning into a balloon to avoid drowning, Kabutomushi surviving a lethal hit because she's filled with armor, Dinoponera being cartoonishingly invincible... All justified by mid-battle documentaries on how cool insects are.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In a gross take on ant breeding, the Queen's Rule virus creates a zombie outbreak of sorts inside a school from orgies that brainwash the students involved. Even readers who called Gratuitous Rape on this manga didn't see that coming. The long-term consequences have worsened as of the leader's death. Instead of turning to normal the students remain completely mindless and begin leaving the school grounds.
  • Signature Scene: Sweaty semi-naked Goki playing with Alice's panties is a staple of manga recommendation threads around the web. And also her brief time as a brainwashed dominatrix in a skimpy leather costume.
  • Too Cool to Live: Kumo.
  • The Untwist:
    • Sara being the boss can be considered this, because she's shown sending orders about the Arachnid Hunt to Suzume Bachi and is a Obviously Evil Student Council President. However, she's a Red Herring. Even so, Kuramoto being her master was still a obvious reveal to readers who suspected Sara's over-the-top acting. In the end, though, it turned out neither of them are the Organization boss after all.
    • A few chapters have Dinoponera's opponents wondering just what kind of power she has to dodge and block everything thrown at her, but she had already stated that she and Alice have the same power. Her reveal of Concentration Driving Free to Alice is dramatical, but hardly a surprise.
  • Villain Sue: Two volumes are spent in fairly comical yet increasingly ridiculous one-sided battles to set up Dinoponera as an unstoppable force that people like Kabutomushi and Hibiki are completely helpless against. Made ironic by how she gets disgusted at Alice's God-Mode Sue traits and how easily she is discarded after Alice copies her skills.
  • The Woobie/Jerkass Woobie
    • Alice spent most of her life being looked down upon due to her mental disorder. Her mother commited suicide, her uncle abuses her and the assassin who kidnapped her forces her to kill him after becoming her father figure. While trying to lead a normal life, she is made a target of assassins from all over the world, who wreak havoc at her school. She fights them, but fails to protect Yoriko from Sasori, finds out her mother was actually murdered and that her father is the top organization member she's been planning to kill all along.
    • Yoriko lives alone and has family issues much like Alice does, but even after dropping her bully behavior is harsh to her because she thinks Alice shouldn't let it such things affect her at all. Depressingly enough, once Yoriko opens up to Alice and assures she cares for her, she gets killed.
    • Kuramoto is treated by Sara as a slave and is put through sexual abuse to further her goals. She only endures this because Sara is the closest thing to a friend she ever had. And then it turns out Kuramoto is lying and is the one responsible for much of what is going on at the school. Her excuse for hating everything being that she has sexual mind control powers in the first place because she really had been raped many times since she was small, even by her father. And really, it's not like the guys on the Ouran school are any different without her involvement.
    • Sara may look like a total jackass, but it was her who was the lonely person forced by Kuramoto to be her servant. Since she was a pawn all along and only ever wanted friends and popularity, her breakdown when Kuramoto dies fighting Alice comes off as rather tragic. And the virus in her goes haywire right after, making her braindead along the rest of the student mob.
    • Dinoponera was raised in the battlefield by a psychopathic mercenary and grew rather twisted as a result. Although she only really wants to make friends who can understand her feelings, she grossly misjudges Alice and tries to torture and kill her. Then after she runs away crying from a well-deserved beating, Sasori paralyses and throws her to the rape student mob, which is just uncalled for.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Despite the fairly dark setting, occasional gore and regular use of rape tropes, the manga is published under the shonen Gangan Joker magazine.