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YMMV: Arachnid
  • Crazy Awesome: Hibiki 'Kamadouma' Fujioka, the Ax-Crazy, Manly Gay, Kahen Rider-obsessed disciplinary council head who liberally dispenses love and justice through repeated kicks to the face. Possibly the best example of how delightfully bizarre he can get is when he tricks his rival, Riokku, into helping him with a Combination Attack by having him punch him as hard as he can in order to build up momentum for a 'Double Rider Kick'. For the record, Riokku's punches can remove heads and go through concrete walls, and had been trying to murder Hibiki for most of the day.
  • Les Yay: Even discounting anything involving the canonically lesbian Oki, the author seems incapable of writing or drawing a scene between two female characters that is not dripping with sexual tension. Since most of the cast are out to murder each other, this naturally overlaps with a hefty dose of Foe Romance Subtext.
  • Narm/Narm Charm: Where to begin? Things like Alice's infinite string tricks, Amenbo turning into a balloon to avoid drowning, Kabutomushi avoiding death because she's filled with armor, Dinoponera being cartoonishingly invincible... All justified by mid-battle documentaries on how cool insects are.
  • Signature Scene: You found this manga because of that scene where a seminaked Oki is caught biting one of Alice's panties while wearing another in her head, didn't you?
  • The Untwist:
    • Sara being the boss can be considered this, because she's shown sending orders about the Arachnid Hunt to Suzume Bachi and is a Obviously Evil Student Council President. However, she's a Red Herring. Even so, Kuramoto being the real boss can still be a obvious reveal to Genre Savvy readers.
    • A few chapters have Dinoponera's opponents wondering just what kind of power she has to dodge and block everything thrown at her, but she had already stated that she and Alice have the same power. Her reveal of Concentration Driving Free to Alice is dramatical, but hardly surprising to the reader.
  • Villain Sue: Two volumes are spent to set up Dinoponera as an unstoppable force that people like Hibiki and Kabutomushi are helpless against, slowing the plot's pace as it takes a while for Alice to meet her or for we to even learn what Dinoponera's past and motivations are. All of this has the effect of making her eventual defeat hard to take seriously. How come she, of all people, didn't notice Alice puppeting her around?
  • The Woobie: Alice spent most of her life being looked down upon due to her mental disorder. She has no family and learning to control her disorder makes her a target of an assassin organization, which puts the lives of Yoriko and Oki at risk. Then there's Kuramoto, who is treated by Sara as a slave and is put through sexual abuse to further her goals. However, Kuramoto was Evil All Along.

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