Funny: Angry Birds Toons

  • Cordon Bleugh. The ways Chuck and the Blue Birds get rid of the food and simultaneously stop the Bad Piggies stirs up laughs.
  • Chuck Time. It's hard not to laugh when Chuck went back to see the butterfly.
    • Or Red shouting in slow motion to remind him he's still falling.
    • Chuck makes it to the ground with time to make a bucket ofwater for Red to land in. Only since he's in slow motion. It's taking quite a bit of time. So Chuck lounges around for a bit as Red falls....and yet somehow misjudged where he was going to fall.
  • Trojan Egg. Chef Pig and King Pig try to fool the birds with a huge wooden egg. Chuck and Red look as if they're thinking "How stupid do they think we are?"
  • Catch of the Day. By the time the corporal pig realizes that his plan A isn't working, the Blues have given him so much stuff that he doesn't need. His plan B doesn't go any better as he accidentally catches Terence, who then proceeds to sink the ship.
  • In "Hambo", Corporal Pig trains pigs using rocks in place of eggs. He sends his best student to get the eggs. The pig gets past the birds no problem and comes back with... a rock like the one he was trained with.
  • The entirety of "Operation Opera", especially the ending where Matilda finally realizes the pigs' plot to distract her with a male bird (actually a machine controlled by corporal pig and another pig that sang opera) that is an opera singer while 3 other pigs try and steal the eggs. She just casts a blank face that says "really?" The 3 other pigs cast the exact same face and give up trying to steal the eggs and just leave. Matilda, while holding the exact same face, busts the machine open, and forces Corporal Pig and the opera singing pig to perform for her. The fact that the 3 other pigs attending the show have just sells it.