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Funny: Alf
  • "On the Road Again"
    • While the Tanners and ALF are cooped up inside the motorhome while it's raining.
    Alf: Is it me, or are the walls closing in?

    Willie: We'll see you later.
    [The Tanners nearly stepped out to go jogging. Thunder comes. They come back in.]
    Alf: Welcome back.

    Alf: I vote we go home.
    Willie: You're not voting on this!
    Alf: Call the newspapers! Democracy is dead!

    Alf: I'm out of here! I'm history! [opens the door. Dramatic Thunder.] I'm going to die.
    • "Look it up!"
    • "I'm not an anteater. I'm a... magical creature, of the forest."
  • In "Lookin' Through the Window", Alf thought a neighbor was building an A-bomb in his basement (it was actually a pool heater). Near the end of the episode, it's revealed Mr. Ochmonek thought the exact same thing.
    Willie: Why does Alf always use my name?

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