Tear Jerker / ALF

ALF managed a few surprisingly effective dramatic moments over its run:
  • The episode where ALF finds out that Willie was a train hopper in his youth, and ropes him into hopping another one. Alone in the car, they end up discussing ALF's lonely existence as possibly the last of his kind. They both make a wish on a shooting star, and afterwards ALF says: "I wished I had my planet back."
  • When a woman who claims to have an alien in her house turns out to be a scam artist. Willie tries to comfort the devastated ALF by saying lots of people feel like they're all alone at some point, and ALF replies: "Feeling alone and being alone are two very different things."
    • "Alf's Special Christmas: After destroying the Tanner's best laid Christmas plans (par for the course for Alf), he befriends Tiffany (who is an eight year old in the hospital with a terminal illness who "won't live to see another Christmas"), delivers a child (and talks the mother into naming her newborn daughter after Tiffany), and stops the hospital Santa from committing suicide. To top it all off, Tiffany is based on (and named after) an actual child who died that year and the episode is dedicated to her. For an Alf story, it is surprisingly dark.
  • Try the series premiere on for size, when ALF first crash lands on Earth. It ends with him using Willie's ham radio to try and send a message to any other Melmacians out there, letting them know that he's all right and he misses of them. What ALF doesn't say, of course, is that he may well be the Last of His Kind and that no one out there can hear him.