Fridge / The Spectacular Spider-Man

Fridge Brilliance

  • You really have to watch each episode two or three times in order to pick up on the subplots, subtext and foreshadowing that become important later.
  • The Symbiote seems to have two voices, one from the original person, and a second, much darker and more violent voice. The brilliance comes in when you realize it's the same actor as the person wearing it doing the voice each time, to represent that the Symbiote is bringing out the worst aspects of the person it's currently being worn by.
  • In the beginning of the show, why did Peter have a crush on Sally Avril? Because she bears a slight resemblance to the one he later comes to love the most: Gwen Stacy.
  • In the prom episode, Harry can be seen in the background applauding Mary Jane for winning Prom Queen. At the same time that the Green Goblin was battling Spider-Man. A nice little bit of foreshadowing.
  • In Rhino's debut episode, Spiderman points out his one weakness; that his suit is so well isolated it overheats with ease, and needs cooling down regularly; this is actually a problem real-life rhinos have, and they need to refresh/cool down themselves with water or fresh mud, or rest under a tree's shadow, when weather is too hot. Also, in subsequent episodes, Rhino rarely fights on day-time; he fights at night, or when weather is cool enough.
  • Possibly a coincidence, but Spider-Man's first fight with Doc Ock happened to be in episode number 8.
  • During its fight with the Sinister Six, why did the Symbiote only attempt to kill Dr. Octopus? Because The Doctor had threatened to "peel it away," subtly foreshadowing how clingy it really is to Peter.
  • Season 2's twist of Norman being the Green Goblin is set up remarkably well: in Season 1, during the scene where Chameleon is posing as him, and he hears that a thief has broken in, he asks, "A thief!? What did he steal?" putting emphasis on the "he". It's like he's implying that he's a different thief. And then, when the Goblin spots the faker, he pulls the briefest of double-takes. In addition, in the previous episode, the Green Goblin triggers Doctor Octavius's transformation by pulling out the safety key to engage the experiment. Norman Osborn then arrives and shuts off the experiment by inserting the same key. You know, the one the Green Goblin just stole.

Fridge Logic