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Fridge: The Librarian
Fridge Brilliance:
  • Why was what was "in the heart" so much more important than what was "in the head" for a position that pretty much defines Badass Bookworm? Because the previous Badass Bookworm turned evil.
    • Not really. They thought the previous Librarian was dead, not evil.
    • Regardless though, his betrayal still demonstrates the concept. They are probably more than aware of how badly giving a person with as much raw potential as a possible Librarian the access to the power in the Library without a working moral compass could end.
Fridge Logic:
  • What was the point of having a pyramid in the first movie?
    • To mock the audiance by introducing the protagonist as some sort of adventurer or action archeologist, then push all buttons to show he is a dork. That, and as a plot point in the second half.

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