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Fridge: The Great Race
  • Rewatching this film, I noticed a marvelous bit of Foreshadowing. When Fate and Max are on the iceberg, discussing the Belligerent Sexual Tension between Leslie and Maggie, Fate points out a way in which he and Leslie are Not So Different: "Like me he must win on his own terms". Sure enough, even though Fate wins the race, he is furious because he did not do so on his own terms. Leslie gave him the win, ruining it. Which isn't to say he insists on a fair fight; quite the opposite, Fate cheats at every opportunity. But to him that is "his own terms". He's perfectly happy to achieve through guile and treachery what Leslie achieves through honesty and virtue. But he'd still much rather lose than have Leslie give up; he won on Leslie's terms, and that's unacceptable.

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