Fridge / Resident Evil: Extinction

Fridge Brilliance
  • People say that the movies are not faithful to the games, as the virus spread through the whole world in Resident Evil: Extinction instead of being stopped at raccoon City as shown in Resident Evil 4, However, this makes sense when you find out that the story of the films was written before that game came out, and while Extinction came out years after Resident Evil 4, the story was already written by the time RE 4 came out, (realized while listening to the commentary for RE:Extinction}
    • If the virus in the games had actually spread throughout the whole world, wouldn't that have been mentioned in Resident Evil Code: Veronica? Which came out in 2000? 2 years before the first movie even came out?
      • Code Veronica takes places a few months after Resident Evil 2/3, thus the effects of a large scale infection would not have been felt yet, making the above Fridge Brilliance still valid.