Awesome / Resident Evil: Extinction

  • A group of sadistic rednecks capture Alice and toss her into a makeshift pit so some infected dogs can tear her apart. Since Alice is Alice, she fights off the dogs and ends up wrecking enough of the pit to let the dogs reach the rednecks instead.
  • Carlos's Dying Moment of Awesome counts. To help Alice and a group of survivors reach Umbrella's fenced-off base and commandeer a company helicopter, Carlos—who is already dying thanks to a zombie bite—grabs a bag of dynamite and drives a gas tanker into a horde of zombies. He waits until the truck crashes to light the fuse, then finds half a cigarette, hidden by LJ. He finishes the cigarette in one breath, blows the smoke out, and watches the zombies crawl toward the busted window in the door above him before the dynamite goes off.
  • Alice's climactic battle with a mutated Dr. Isaacs ends with the two of them in a recreation of the laser grid room from the first film. Isaacs tells Alice, "I! Am! THE FUTURE!", only for Alice to mock the idea with laughter and a simple retort: "'re just...another asshole."
    • "And we're both going to die down here." She was stalling long enough to pull a Taking You with Me. Isaacs finally realizes where he is standing, but only when he can do nothing about it except fall to pieces. Alice nearly gets sliced to bits by the lasers, but the clone she freed a few minutes earlier shuts off the laser grid before that happens.