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* In Extinction, the [[spoiler: mutated Dr.Isaacs]] had his curb stomp battle with Alice, and finished his "I, ''am'', the '''FUTURE'''!!" speech. The incoming ham and cheese was quickly received with mocking laughter, followed by Alice's "No... you're just... ''[[PrecisionFStrike another]]'' [[PrecisionFStrike asshole]]." * Also in Extinction, [[spoiler: Carlos]]'s DyingMomentOfAwesome was indeed quite awesome, he drove a gas tank into a ''horde'' of zombies with a bag of dynamites. As the truck crashed and he was about the light the fuse, he found half a cigarette, hidden by L.J.. [[spoiler: Carlos]] finished the cigarette in one breath, and calmly blew the smoke out, as he watched the zombies crawl toward his truck and waited for the dynamite to go.
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