Fridge: MythBusters

Fridge Horror

  • The fact that Jamie ran away from home at a young age and his usual flat affect (although he may be playing it up for the cameras) seems to indicate he had a really traumatic childhood.
  • In the episode where they're testing ways to fool a breathalyzer, every myth they test on-screen is Busted. Of course, there are dozens of alleged techniques to this out there, and they couldn't possibly show them all. Maybe they found one that works, and didn't want to show it on screen, for fear of drunk drivers actually using it...
    • They showed that you can beat a motion detector with a bedsheet. If this is true, wouldn't that have been cut out as well?
    • It was probably deemed to impractical to actually be dangerous to use — it fools the motion detector, sure, but it looks ridiculous and will get the attention of anyone with eyes.
  • After doing the "ramping up" of the Thermite vs Ice myth, you could see all the thermite which the explosion threw into the air pouring down like 2500 C rain. Now Adam and Jaime was of course safe in a bunker when this happened, but this myth originated from a viral video. What if the people who did that also decided to "ramp it up" without the same level of protection?

Fridge Logic

Fridge Brilliance

  • The "myth" where Adam and Jamie manage to fool the biometric fingerprint scanner. In the summation, they noted that the more "advanced" biometric scanner actually seemed easier to fool than the basic fingerprint scanner. Then I realized that it only seemed that way because, in figuring out how to fool the basic scanner, they'd already done most of the work in figuring out how to fool the more advanced one. Strictly speaking, the biometric scanner probably *was* harder to fool (after all, they did need to lick the latex and paper, a step they didn't need to take with the basic scanner), but not by very much.