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Heartwarming: MythBusters
  • Adam getting violently and unexpectedly shocked thanks to Executive Meddling? Dude, Not Funny!. There's no footage of the aftermath, because the loyal cameramen and women insisted on giving him privacy—against said executive's orders. Coupled with Adam attributing this to them being a family thanks to all the time they've spent together over the years? Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • After the death of often used EMS Paramedic Sanjay Singh, the episode "Storm Chasing Myths" featured a dedication of the episode, his last appearance on the show, in memoriam.
  • Adam's former staff built an imitation astronaut suit for him. Now that's the sign of a staff that loves their boss.
  • Adam and Jamie aren't best friends. They're not even buddies. They just work together. But if there's ever a chance that one of them is in real danger or might be seriously injured, that sense of family mentioned above really shines through.
    • Adam and Jamie's relationship is proof you don't necessarily have to be best chums with each other to work well, they do respect each other, and keep it professional and clean.
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