Fridge / My Little Pony G3

Fridge Horror
  • In The Princess Promenade, Spike cheerfully tells Wysteria goodbye after he thinks she doesn't want to be a princess and begins to fall asleep; Wysteria says if he goes to sleep he'll nap for another thousand years—meaning she wouldn't live nearly long enough to see him wake up.
  • In The Runaway Rainbow, the loss of rainbows may not seem that big a deal—until you remember Sweetberry said rainbowberries grow only after the first rainbow of the season. Rarity unknowingly put Ponyville's food supply in jeopardy!
  • This profile of Kimono's was written before G3 Unicorns were made, but it doesn't dispel the theories that something happened to separate the three Pony races.

Fridge Brilliance
  • In The Princess Promenade, Rainbow Dash seems unconcerned about Wysteria being a princess, thinking that she still is Wysteria. This makes sense when you consider Rainbow's British accent, since Britain is a constitutional monarchy, where the Royal Family is essentially The Artifact, with very little power. Of course a British character wouldn't find the title of princess to be a big deal.
  • Why didn't the founders of Ponyville even try to keep the layout of Ponyville regular? Because, as A Very Minty Christmas establishes, the world's so small that jogging the north-south streets enough to keep them on their longitudes is a lost cause.

Fridge Logic
  • G3.5 is supposed to be set when everyone is a foal. So where are the adults and why is the mayor a filly? It seems more like it's just an art style change.