Fridge / Kirby's Epic Yarn

Fridge Horror
  • While it seems cute to see the foes simply scatter when they are defeated, if you think about it, their bodies are composed of yarn and when you defeat them, they all get dismembered and lifeless. It's the most visually violent Kirby game to date!
    • Think harder. When Kirby grabs onto them, if you think about it non-yarnily, he's pretty much turning them into a disgusting ball of flesh that he holds up and throws at other enemies.
    • Most frightening in the Dark Manor level of the Buster stages. The Waddle-dees that you have to kill to win run away from you, hiding their faces in fear, in a haunted mansion.
      • So does this mean the Yarn Waddle Dees see Kirby and Prince Fluff as psycho murderers/monsters?
    • Killing Waddle-Dees in general, especially when you try to abduct them in UFO form. Waddle-Dees are completely harmless in this game and won't damage you unless they have a spear or a bow and arrow. If you try to abduct them as a UFO, they will also run and cower from you.
  • Did anyone else feel like they had just committed a crime against humanity (or whatever -ity is related to Waddle Dees) when they kill the peacefully sleeping waddle dees, especially the ones that sleep next to each other with gems in the shape of a heart above them?
Fridge Brilliance
  • Why does Squashini appear in Treat Land? Well, he represents Halloween, which has trick-or-TREATING!
Fridge Logic
  • How does Kirby know what pants feel like? Nobody in Dream Land wears any.
  • If Kirby can't use his sucking power because air goes right through him, why does him becoming a parachute work to slow his fall? And for that matter, if Kirby can't inhale enemies, why is it that some enemies can inhale him?
    • Unsure about the former, but for the latter, it could be that they found a way to make it work or had special magic provided by Yin Yarn, whereas Kirby is unused to this whole thing.