Fridge / In Flight

Fridge Brilliance

  • Being significantly more proficient in Runes than Shirou, the Fraga magus would know exactly how his wards worked and thus how to avoid them.
  • Kusano has an unusual fixation with swords in this fic, which makes a lot of sense considering that A) she has the highest psychic potential among all the known Sekirei and B) her Ashikabi's unconscious mind practically runs on thoughts of swords.

Fridge Horror

  • If Shirou Emiya is considered the Counter Force of the Sekirei Plan, who or what is the Counter Guardian if Shirou fails?
    • He won't fail if that is the case. Counter Force is given just enough power to succeed, and Shirou knows how to fight with just enough power.
    • Failure itself may not even be death. What happens if Shirou loses his duel with Rin and Saber, and thus forcibly end his role in the Sekirei Plan?
  • Shirou's victory over Ichiya and Totoyama is awesome and all... but he just killed what appear to be two young women on a ''live, city-wide broadcast.'' If Clocktower doesn't notice that, someone else will…
    • IIRC, in the manga was implied that only participants of the Plan can watch the transmissions, probably by means of a private stream video or a PPV system (it's almost sure that MBI owns the every TV broadcasting channel and ISP in the city). If that fails, there is also the Weirdness Censor. If an unrelated person happens to catch on the transmission, it's more likely they will think they are watching a particularly gory Supernatural Martial Arts show.
      • Of course, that still means that he just killed two young women on a live feed being viewed by his sister and mother (also his father, though he doesn't seem to care about the fact that he's still alive or his identity except in this case he is a Second Owner from Clocktower). And depending on when they started broadcasting, Miya may have also heard him admitting that he had attacked Karasuba with the plate he blamed her for stealing and may figure out that the damage to her floor was caused by that attack.
  • The story is a sequel to Fate, but in the epilogue we see it may also be a prequel to another work by Nasu, Angel Notes. The Black Aristoteles has just been sited on Jupiter, and Shirou and his flock are the first of the A-Rays. At best, this means Earth is fated to die and humanity will be on the verge of extinction. At worst, because only a handful of people were transformed into A-Rays by it being contained within the Reality Marble along with Shirou possibly being disinclined to pursue any further research in that line due to it being the work of his biological father, even the small amount of life persisting in that future won't survive.
    • Actually, it's a sequel to Unlimited Blade Works, but yeah, your general point stands. On the upside, I'm pretty sure that Notes takes place thousands of years in the future, so the Association, if no one else, is forewarned. And forewarned is forearmed, especially when it comes to magi. And if Shirou has anything to say about it, the Association will actually get up off their collective ass and do something about it.

Fridge Logic

  • I'm pretty sure that the Counter Force is limited to Terrestrial threats, not just terrestrial vessels. So logically, the Force wasn't at work from the beginning, and the Guardians wouldn't have moved at all. This means that Minaka might have actually succeeded and become a True Magician, AND he would have been able to alter everyone. What I'm saying, is that no matter how genuine his end goal was, someone who acts as childish as Minaka day-to-day, is NOT someone who can be trusted with godhood.
  • How the Hell was Shirou affected by the Jinki through the TV? It's not like he's looking at it at all, he's looking at the colored light produced by a device that translates what lights to make from ones and zeroes, after being told what lights to produce by another machine, miles away, which is in turn told what ones and zeroes to tell the TV by yet another machine, which is NOT structurally analizing the Jinki, only recording - in one's and zeroes - what colors of light are reflected off the aforementioned spoiler. Major plot hole, that.
    • My best explanation for this is that it's magic, and therefore doesn't need to make sense. Rin herself has said that Shirou is extremely proficient with Structural Analysis to the point of it being almost like Mystic Eyes. It could be that he doesn't scan the structure of something so much as the concept of that something, allowing him to analyze stuff even if he's seeing it indirectly.