Fridge / High School DD

Fridge Logic

  • Xenovia's intention is to bear Issei's child. So why is she carrying around condoms?
    • She only directly tried bearing his children in the episode she surprised him in - Issei's freaked-out reaction was summed up as (paraphrased): "Do you understand what you're saying!? You wanna make a baby!? That's insane! That's insane! That's insane!". And not only that, this attempt indirectly caused agony to Issei, due to the beating that resulted from the misunderstanding (something she certainly wouldn't seem to be all for). So as a result, she likely decided to put the baby-making on hold for now until Issei said/showed it was okay - hence the condoms, and the 'we can practice anytime' aspect. Becoming a Devil also means she's got plenty of time to wait now, since most live 'almost forever'

Fridge Brilliance

  • Sirzechs in the last episode of the anime seems content that Issei took Rias away from the engagement ceremony and even Grayfia notes that he seems happy about the fact that it's "unfortunate" that the Gremory and the Phenex clan will not have any marriage whatsoever. The reason why he's happy about it is because it reminded him of his and Grayfia's circumstance when he married Grayfia, one of the servants of the Old Lucifer and at that time, it was a big no-no.
  • Vali in the eleventh episode of Ne W did not make his Divine Dividing appear to block Gasper's time stopping ability while he lampshaded that he and Issei were able to block it using their dragon powers (Issei had to make his gauntlet appear). The reason? He did not tap into Albion's power, but instead used the magic reserves he inherited from the original Lucifer. Becomes something of Foreshadowing, as later he was revealed to be a direct descendant (or more accurately, the great grandson)
    • Further proof is that the Holy Swords and the Boosted Gear all manifested once the time stopping field went off, notice how Vali's Divine Dividing didn't?
  • Cao Cao being Crazy-Prepared in general but especially Volume 11. Let's face it, if you were a Player Character and you're up against an armada of demons and angels and you're target is to take the power of the strongest dragon aka your Puppet King, wouldn't you wanna be Crazy-Prepared for the situation by collecting all the Infinity Plus One Swords and an assortment of Game Breakers just to even stand a chance against them? Even Azazel notes that they're the Final Bosses for the humans in video game terms.

Fridge Horror

  • Issei Does Not Know His Own Strength. Normally this can be shrugged off as Heroic Self-Deprecation, but during the Mid-Class exam he attacked another low class devil (who may or may not have had the power to become mid-class) in Balance Breaker. If he had boosted at all, he would have blown the other person, an ally, in two.
  • Remember how Kokabiel destroyed some of the school buildings during the fight with him? That doesn't seem too terrifying on it's own until you remember that the OCR building could have been one of them... and Gasper was still locked in the forbidden room.
    • It gets worse when you remember he's actually allowed to leave the room at night, but chooses not to.
  • The Evil Pieces system in general. You're forced to give up your humanity and enslave yourself to another devil for the rest of your long, long life. As a Devil, you get to do that to others, who do the same to others...while Issei and the rest of the Gremory peerage may not mind, having a kind and loving master, it's been shown that they're extremely lucky in that regard, as not all devil masters are like her. They could have ended up the eternal servants of someone like Riser or (Great Red forbid) Diodora...
    • And then you remember Diodora was planning to do this to Asia, had Issei not met her on that fateful day...
    • It's an actual plot point in various later volumes where sacred gears users who are given unfair or deceptive contracts take the opportunity to rebel when their masters find themselves on the wrong side of battles, and then wind up arrested and, surprisingly, are given fair hearings before their sentences are carried out.
  • CaoCao implants himself with a Medusa's eye to replace the one Issei shot out. What happened to the Gorgon?
    • Considering he was already Crazy-Prepared, just what did he do to get one of Medusa's eyes?
  • Issei's motivation is to become a high class devil so that he can gather a harem of female servants that he can have sex with. He essentially wants to become a Serial Rapist that constantly engages in Sexual Extortion of his subordinates and nobody has called him out on this or even noticed the Unfortunate Implications of his goal.
    • Unfortunate implications aside, Issei has proven through his interactions with the girls that surround him that he is respectful of the girls as individuals with their own thoughts, feelings, and ambitions, proving that you can lust after a woman but still understand there is a person underneath that physical beauty. Hell, Issei has even outright rejected the (often times aggressive) sexual advances of the girls surrounding him because of some issue that led him to believe it was inappropriate at that time. This track record would lead us to believe that even if he had his own servants he wouldn't abuse them.
    • Not to mention the fact that one of the first big fights was against Riser shows that Issei does truly value the feeling of each woman unlike Riser who does it just to have women, and later in the series he beat the living daylights out of Diodora, who was exponentially worse. As a rule, the schmucks who have treated women like sex objects in his presence quickly end up on the top of Issei's "to pulverize" list. In summary, Issei would never force someone to join his harem or to have sex with him: his ultimate dream is to have a bunch of women madly in love with him of their own choosing. Purely consensual relationships all around.
    • The most likely explanation would be that as a oppai maniac, Issei dreams to be surrounded by girls and have as much sex as possible. He probably never even considered that he can use the girls in his harem (i.e. force himself onto them). It is more likely that he assumed that he would have automatic popularity with his servants like Rias does and that they would be OK with guiltless sex. As far as Rias is concerned, it may be the devils talent to recognize the nature of a person's desire (seeing as it their main avenue of business) which helps her differentiate between a chivalrous pervert and a dangerous one. Another case that supports the possibility that Issei never thought that masters mistreat their servants is that when he sees Raiser make out with his servants (who are perfectly OK with it) he is envious of him, but when he hears about what Diodara does to his servants, he is disgusted.