Fridge: Hancock

  • Fridge Brilliance: Mary says that she and Hancock are siblings. He says "That's a lie - brothers and sisters don't kiss the way you kissed me last night". But moments before she said that they were known as gods in some cultures. Now take a look at the family tree of almost any major pantheon. It is entirely possible they were married and siblings.
    • Hancock seems to use the word Homo regularly. It Crosses the Line Twice that he says it while in the modern day when Homosexuality and same sex marriage are accepted. Then we figure out he's immortal and his last memory of his life was in the 1930s, a time where among most things, homophobia was accepted behavior. So he was really just talking normal only a Fish Out of Temporal Water.
  • Fridge Logic: When Hancock has sex in the Unrated Cut, it ends up being Destructo-Nookie, and he almost kills his partner. How was Mary able to conceal her powers since she was married?