Fridge / Geronimo Stilton

  • Fridge Brilliance: Many people complain about Benjamin's personality change in the animated series but with a little thought, it makes sense. In the books, Benjamin is 8 and while he's quite competent and wiser than many of the adults the crew encounters, he's still quite young and therefore likely more coddled by his uncles and aunt (especially Doting Uncle Geronimo). Meanwhile Show!Benjamin is 12, meaning he's at the age where he's expected to do more for himself so it's natural that he's not as clingy to Geronimo (no less admiring though). Besides many people have their personalities change as they age, with only certain key traits (adoration of Geronimo and a keen mind being Benjamin's in this case) staying constant.
  • Fridge Horror: A surprising one at that. In the animated series' 26th episode, "Tea Story"; if the fernbiter is a mouse eating plant and it made all its way to Geronimo's office on the top floor of the Stilton Media Group's building, what happened to the rest of the employees?!
  • Fridge Logic: In A Fabumouse Vacation for Geronimo, Geronimo finds himself to vacate in the world's worst hotel, that looks very awful, is very expensive, and the local dishes are insect-based. After a while, he manages to still have fun by playing with kids in the hotel, discovers that the chef can also do cheese recipes, and stuff, and at the end he learns that you can find a nice side in everything and states it was the best holiday in his life... except that he still paid a gigantic load of money. (The hotel brochure is shown in a page, and you can see that they make you pay 20-30 more bucks per day just to do stuff like walking and breathing.)