Fridge / Freaks

  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • A mass example, as most people at the time thought that the movie was nothing more than a freak-sploitation film. After it had been out for a while longer, though, the true meaning became clear.
    • Cleo's stage title was "The Flying Peacock". She ends the movie as "The Amazing Chicken Lady".
  • Fridge Logic: See Cutlass Between the Teeth in the Main tab. What else can Randian do with a knife besides looking threatening? Being limbless, pretty much nothing.
    • Until one remembers that, being born like that and, among other things, being able to roll a cigarette with his mouth, he could surely stab her with said blade still in his mouth.
    • In real life, Randian was able to operate a hammer and nails. A knife shouldn't be any trouble.