Awesome / Freaks

  • Prince Randian rolling a cigarette and lighting it with his tongue.
    "I can do anything that I want!"
  • Hans: Give me that little black bottle.
  • Johnny Eck silently producing a handgun and polishing it. He was a sharpshooter in real life. It was part of his sideshow act. Hell, Johnny Eck walking is pretty awesome.
  • Phroso fighting Hercules to save Venus, even though he's clearly outmatched.
  • Jerry Austin's sudden revelation that he is a badass knifethrower.
  • When Venus finds out what Hercules is doing to Hans, she confronts him and he attacks her. What gets him to back down? He sees all of the freaks gathered, staring unnervingly and coolly at him.
    Venus: Coppers don't have imaginations, so I hear.