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Fridge Horror
  • You know, in Forgotten Realms people in Toril who are faithless get sent to the Wall Of The Faithless for not believing in gods. In the most recent edition, the Abeirans got transposed bodily into Toril, where there have been no gods (that we know of) for thousands of years. Does that mean that the first Abeirans who died got damned for an eternity in a wall because deity worship was pointless when they were born?
    • I would say not necessarily. Belief does not imply existence and vice versa.
    • This troper would like to remind you that, in some cases, a deity can speak up for a soul that they particularly liked but no one had claimed, and that demons and devils both can harvest souls from the wall (devils orderly, demons in huge raids that would make the Warhammer 40,000 Orks proud). So some of the Abeirians may have been rescued by the likes of Sune or Ilmater.
    • My guess is, they get a pass. Can't worship a god if you don't know gods exist.
      • Except they don't. Souls that don't worship a god go right in to the wall, even if they were the kindest person in existence. So essentially, genocidal monsters that pay lip-service to a god can still go to a comfortable afterlife, while the most noble being in existence can have his very existence painfully erased over thousands of years of torture, for not worshipping gods he or she didn't even know existed. Forgotten Realms, ladies and gentlemen!
      • Paying only lip-service to a god is treated the same as being an atheist.
      • Those who only pay lip service may be judged as the False, who don't get to fade away in the Wall, but are punished for all eternity. (Those who outright betray their god are far more likely to be judged False and get far worse punishments.)
  • Oh, I got one for you. It's been stated several times over that the Blood War between the devils and demons is the main reason why evil hasn't conquered the multiverse yet, with Baator and the Abyss keeping each other busy. As of 4e in the realms, the Blood War is over. While neither side managed to defeat the other, Asmodeus(who never considered the Blood War anything more than a nuisance anyway) cut off contact between the Nine Hells and the Abyss, ending the conflict for the time being. Meaning that as soon as the two sides get their act together, it is open season on the rest of existence.
    • Well, Brimstone Angels implies that Asmodeus is about to have other problems rather closer to home namely, that his daughter is planning to knock him off his throne and put herself in his place, though admittedly he seems to fully approve of this behavior so long as she's smart about it. I wouldn't be terribly worried about the Abyss putting a united front together either- they are, after all Chaotic Evil, and in the absence of devils are just as likely to turn on each other.
  • At the end of the Lady Penitent trilogy, a select group of drow are transformed into "redeemed" dark elves—this includes Eilistraee's followers and all drow of Miyeritari blood who aren't "tainted" by Wendonai in their ancestry. Potential Unfortunate Implications aside, there's the practical issue of those drow who happened to be Miyeritari and suddenly changed form in the middle of the Underdark—or even worse, in the middle of a Lolth-worshipping city. Might as well stick them with a "Kill Me Now" sign.
    • Those drow aren't given the possibility to choose, and are forced to accept the transformation. Physical Modification like tattoos or scars are unquestionably horrible if done without recipient agreeing. So where does it put her on the moral scale if she considers it a good thing to change her followers so profoundly without so much as asking?
    • That said, this particular event has been Retconned, and most of what happened in those books has been reverted.