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    Fridge Logic 
  • Just how did they recover the statues covered with Coco's doodles, anyway?
  • Why does IBF stay intact for 17 years, while the entirety of LeMU is rebuilt around it, and while it still draws power from the same source as the rebuilt LeMU? One would think Lebleich would try to destroy IBF to cover up the evidence that they were behind the creation and outbreak of Tief Blau.
  • Sara mentions that the Frozen Tuna might have washed out of the kitchen's fridge. If there was a kitchen, why were the gang stuck eating sandwiches to the point where they got sick of them? And what about the first incident?
    • The food got ruined by the sea water and they had difficulty cutting up the tuna. For the second incident, they had to recreate the events in order to trick BW, even if it means getting tired of chicken sandwiches.
  • In Remember11, it's established that Leiblich Medizin has owned a functioning time machine since at least July 2011. With that in mind, and with the knowledge that they used it for such mundane purposes as saving an executive's ex-girlfriend, how was the 2017 incident ever allowed to occur?
    • The mechanics aren't perfect. They would have to account for distance and barometric pressure. I don't think they'd be able to build a replica of Lemu in secret.
  • Isn't it kind of weird that after Tsugumi mentions that Hokuto and Mayo weren't their original names, we never actually learned their names?
    • Not really. Just because Tsu had different idea doesn't mean the her original plan matters anymore. It's not like she's going to be like "Hey, i know you now go by Sara and Hokuto now, but when you were one i named you differently so let's swtich to original two names ok?"

Fridge Brilliance
  • Why is that Kaburaki could sleep so well in the Pressurization Chamber? That's because he was already more than used to situations like this one. It's been 17 years, he's probably gone through extensive training for this very day. It wouldn't be a stretch to think that training has made him accustomed to sleeping in this kind of enviroment.
  • Why are the Life Readings shown fluctuating between 5, 6 and 7 people in Kid's route? It took me playing Virtue's Last Reward before I personally got it, but... Remember how Schrödinger's Cat goes? The cat in the box is neither alive, nor dead. We cannot know which until we open the box - well, who else do we also know who is stuck in a 'box' with no certain way to affirm they're dead or alive? Yup. Takeshi and Coco. Now, how many people were trapped in LeMU? Not counting in Sora, who doesn't have a body and thus can't register in the Bio Scan, there are 5 people. These 5 people plus the 2 not-dead-nor-alive people in IBF makes 7. Since the fate of Takeshi and Coco are uncertain, the number flickers between 5 and 7 depending on the state the two 'cats' are in! This can double as Fridge Horror, since this essentially means that every time the numbers '5' and '6' are shown, it implies that either one or both of them didn't make it.
    • We could also apply Schrödinger's Cat to the elevator scene as well. Before opening the door, you hear both Coco and Sara's voices when only one of them are actually present. You don't know which route you took until you open the box.
      • ...No? The box would already be open since you start from a different perspective and thus know you're on a different route from the beginning. Schrödinger's Cat doesn't apply there; that's just Coco hopping through the timestream.
      • This made more sense in my head...What I think I'm trying to say is (WARNING: Major spoiler for VLR): It's like picking the Cyan door.
    • Okay, but why does it also fluctuate in Takeshi's route, before the two are put in the box? Also, it doesn't make sense for the scanners to pick up IBF — otherwise, the count should be much higher at the start since it would pick up the researchers.

Fridge Horror
  • "Life Readings: 1" Hey, You'haru'... I think you forgot something!
    • Except that doesn't make sense in Takeshi's route. IBF is likely outside the scanner range, too; otherwise it would pick up the researchers. The more likely explanation is that it's simply picking up Blick Winkel.
  • Sara's good end. Sara and Hokuto are trying to fake their deaths to escape Leiblich Pharmaceutical, but they don't know that they don't have to, because Dr. Tanaka had already taken steps to screw them up. But they will fool others who actually care about them, starting with Tsugumi who will be led to believe that she lost her two children the same way she lost her One True Love, and the last chance she had to reconcile with them was wasted on being a bitch. You'aki was not only Sara's good friend but also in love with Hokuto and she'll think she lost them both, while Dr. Tanaka will be lead to believe that an accident she caused took away two people so important to her daughter. In other words Sara and Hokuto are going to cause a lot of grief to people who care about them to escape danger that is no longer a threat.