Fridge / Dr. Strangelove

Fridge Brilliance

  • Vodka is already grain alcohol and water. Essentially Ripper's solution to avoiding Commie fluids is to make his own.
    • Further, if that's all he drinks, he's probably blind drunk through the entire course of the movie. Ever make a rash decision while you were drunk? Probably not as rash as starting World War III, but still.
  • Why did the survival kit contain such seemingly random items as chewing gum, prophylactics, and stockings? Because at least some of the included items were intended to be bartered for help from the locals.
    • There were already Roubles and gold in the kit for this purpose also.
    • The fact prophylactics have been used in surival kits for emergency water storage might also have something to do with it.
      • Stockings can also be used to filter air or water at need. As far as barter, if they're far enough out in the sticks or things have been so wrecked as to make money useless (altogether likely) being able to offer valuable goods in exchange for aid is a very good position to be in.
  • Bat Guano is laughably stupid, but his own imbecility about everything being related to "preversion" makes him right in a meta-sense, Kubrick made a movie where war —and almost everything else— is related to sex.
  • It has been noticed that if you compared the cool and methodical Ripper with the bombastic Turgidson without understanding the context, you might think Ripper was the sane one and Turgidson the crazy guy, but in reality Ripper is dangerously paranoid and Turgidson is usually correct about his accusations and is working with the President to try and resolve the situation. Given that Ripper is implied to suffer from male performance issues and repressed sexuality, while Turgidson is shown to be fooling around with his secretary right up to shortly before he gets called in to deal with the crisis, it's possible that Turgidson is mentally healthy and not trying to start a nuclear war simply because he isn't holding anything in or questioning his manhood.
  • The in-universe Critical Research Failure on the part of the Soviets getting their information on the Doomsday device from the New York Times makes a lot more sense when you remember that most printed media in the USSR was either entirely state-run or strictly controlled by the state. The US media didn't operate under the same rules, but the Soviets fail to work on that assumption, treating the Fourth Estate as a semi-official source as if there were no separation of powers like back at home.

Fridge Logic

  • Each plane is 2 hours from target at fail safe point. The order for the 23rd airborne to move in and get General Ripper wasn't issued until at least 40 minutes into that 2 hours. Especially considering it wasn't last minute recall. Going by the big board and time shown of Major Kong's plane after the code was issued, it was issued with at least 15 minutes to spare. More if you consider Major Kong went to a target of opportunity and not his primary. In anycase the 23rd airborne was somehow able to receive and relay the order, wake up the units 3 in the morning, get ready, pack in trucks, drive 7 miles into an ambush, then fight their way to the air base command post for Colonel Bat Guano to get Mandrake on the phone in an hour or less. The air field defense force must be the worst and the 23rd airborne must be the most efficient and badass army unit ever.
    • Air Police are precisely that: a police force, lightly-equipped. They're very good at what they do but against dedicated infantry they're fighting out of their weight.
    • During the skirmish, it also doesn't look like 3 or 4 in the morning either.
    • It's 3 am in Washington when the movie starts, but we don't know where the AF base is supposed to be.
      • The base is supposed to be in the U.K., which would make it about 7:00 AM. Keep in mind the latitude will affect how light or dark it is outside as well.
      • The issue with the base being in the U.K. is that Mandrake has to use American terms when speaking with the operator and definitely isn't placing an overseas call.
  • An intentional case adding some Fridge Horror to the obvious horror: with 93 years before the world is inhabitable once more, and little to no time to prepare the settlement of the mines, it's unlikely that either side would be able to secure safe foodstores and unirradiated humans with enough varied genetic stock for humanity to ultimately survive. While it's implied Strangelove has been planning elements of this, he has no clear ties to Ripper, and Kissov's delayed announcement of the doomsday device enrages Strangelove. It's likely he's got some of the groundwork set up, but not enough.