Fridge: Azumanga Daioh

Fridge Horror
  • In Episode 5, we are introduced to Yukari's (ahem) driving behavior in a move called Take Our Word for It. Around the end of the episode, summer vacation has ended and the girls are looking through the photo's from their summer vacation at Chiyo's summer home. As Tomo hands the photographs to Sakaki, the girls mention that they notice something behind her on the photograph what resembles a person's head. A few sound effects of a speeding car and ambulances during reaction shots should clue you in. Apparently, Osaka even knew the guy!
  • If Osaka had gone through with what she was going to do with the knife, she would have stabbed her own hand or wrist.
  • Whenever Osaka reminisces about her previous life in Osaka, she always brings up what people thought of her there, saying they called her slow and spacey. The implication is that Ayumu was bullied by her classmates.

Fridge Logic
  • In an early episode/chapter, we learn that Yukari has some major dirt on Nyamo {"Love letter, love letter..."). Not long after, Osaka, Tomo, and Yomi see Yukari and Nyamo having an argument as they head down the street. Yukari is overheard mentioning that she once caught Nyamo taking "Commemorative photos" outside of Senior Takeda's house. So we can infer from that that Nyamo had a crush on, and wrote a love letter to Senior Takeda. Now, remember, when Nyamo and Yukari attended the school, it was an All Girl school, so Senior Takeda was another girl. The Les Yay between Yukari and Nyamo is oft-commented on, but it may well be that the dirt Yukari has on Nyamo isn't that Nyamo wrote a love letter to her, but perhaps to Senior Takeda, who may or, given Nyamo's single status, may not have reciprocated those feelings.