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Fridge: Ai no Kusabi
Fridge Brilliance
  • There's a reason Jupiter didn't want its Elite's engaging in sexual activities. It makes them lose their way and behave irrationally by Tanagura standards if Iason is any proof. He becomes completely obsessed with Riki having never experienced love before and not understanding how to express it.

Fridge Horror
  • When you realize that Riki was only 15 years old when he met Iason and casually propositioned him for Sex for Services. Gives you an idea how hardened he already was at an early age from growing up in the slums.
  • What likely happened to Mimea who vanished from Eos shortly after she slept with Riki given Raoul's work and his attitude towards her.
  • Everything about Ranaya/Lana Ugo which is a shady Pet manufacturing facility catering to the strangest and most deviant of fetishes. No pet (or potential pet for that matter) wants to end up here and for good reason.

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