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Fridge: AMV Hell
  • Gantz + Singing In The Rain = A Clockwork Orange. It took me four times of watching it to finally get it.
  • It took a couple of viewings for me to get the pun for Grenadier and "Dark Chest of Wonders". Flat out stating it like that makes it obvious, however.
  • Also, the Dragonball Z clip with Boondocks audio. It took me the longest time to get why Goku's line of "You cannot force me to be someone I'm not" was supposed to be funny...until I realized the one saying "the hell I can't!" was Captain Ginyu.
  • If you're not already familiar with the meme, the clip of Pokémon with Sarah Bareilles's "Love Song" might leave you confused at first. The line goes "I'm not gonna Raichu a love song".
  • This Troper just realized that AMV Hell is kind of like the Zippy the Pinhead of AMVs. No, seriously.

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