Four Philosophy Ensemble / Web Original

  • The Dreamer: Alan (the Realist), Alexander (the Cynic), Nathan (the Optimist), and Beatrice (the Conflicted).
  • Homestuck: John (the Optimist), Rose (the Realist), Dave (the Cynic) and Jade (initially a second Optimist, but quickly becomes Conflicted).
    • The four patron trolls: Kanaya (the Optimist), Terezi (the Cynic), Karkat (the Realist) and Vriska (the Apathetic). Tavros (though not a patron troll) fits in as Conflicted.
    • The Midnight Crew: Spades Slick (the Cynic), Diamonds Droog (the Realist), Clubs Deuce (the Optimist) and Hearts Boxcars (the Apathetic).
    • And Aradia manages to hit all four points at various times throughout the series. Specifically: alive!Aradia (the Optimist), ghost!Aradia (the Apathetic), Aradiabot (the Cynic), and God-Tier!Aradia (the Realist).
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: The protagonist Lizzie (either the Conflicted or the Realist), Jane (the Optimist), Charlotte (the Cynic), and Lydia (the Apathetic).
  • Lovely Little Losers has an unbalanced one, with Freddie as the Cynic, Ben as the Idealist, Balthazar as the Conflicted, and Peter as the Apathetic. The lack of a Realist causes major problems. Until "RUSSIANFUDGE," when Peter completes his character arc by becoming the Realist.