Film: Shortbus

Shortbus is a 2006 film made by John Cameron Mitchell, the guy behind Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It is known primarily for its scenes of unsimulated sex.

Set in New York City, the movie follows two occasionally intersecting narratives. The first revolves around Sofia, a sex therapist who has never achieved orgasm in her life, and the strain it puts on her relationship. After attending the Studio 54-esque club Shortbus, Sofia befriends professional dominatrix Severin, who tries to help her finally find orgasm.

The second revolves around James, an amateur filmmaker and former hustler who is morose and introverted. He and his boyfriend, Jamie, begin an open relationship with a third man, while a fourth, named Caleb, stalks James from his apartment one block over. The film James has been working on turns out to have an unpleasant surprise...

While Shortbus has largely been overshadowed by Hedwig, it remains a quirky and off-beat flick with its own merits. If nothing else, it has lots and lots of sex in it.

This work contains the following examples:

  • Three-Way Sex: Jamie and James had one with Ceth, this is actually a plan from James before he committed suicide, so that Jaime will not be lonely with Ceth arrival after James dies
  • Turn of the Millennium: Referencing many current events and trends of the early 00s, including The War on Terror, September 11th, and the New York City blackout.
  • The Twink: Ceth, to some extent.
  • Transvestite: Justin Bond, he is depicted as a homosexual here, that do not stop him from a brief make out with Sofia